Some things I'm hoping to see in the next patch or quickly after

Hey, here some of my thoughs on how to improve the pilgrimage experience, first of all this only apply to champs and lower and I will let those used to legend and above judge what should be the difficulty on those level.

some QoL change:
first on the bots:

  • make the bots immun to the blood tornado the same way they are to nurgle effect. they don’t know how to dodge them and just suffer staying iddle.
  • have the bots use potions rather than healing on slannesh thirst maps.
  • have the bot give their healing draught the way they give potions.

Other than that:

  • maybe increase the timing between two khorn tornados.
  • make the affected zone of blood tornado and tzeench lighting more visible on stairs/bridge/snow, maybe by adding some volume to it.
  • add skaven chieftain and chaos chieftain to the list of monsters that can spawn from chest (using skaven and chaos warlord boss adapted to the hp of a monster).
  • increase the way to trigger “assisting allies” or take the heroic intervention trait out of the rotation.
  • ensure that a slayer/priest/grail knight, can’t get a copy of the weapon he is weilding on the other hand when rerolling a weapon.

on grudge:

  • make the illusionist/rampart combo an extremly rare occurence (like one every ten games rather than one out of two).
  • nerf to the illusion: they no longer benefit from the other grudge, only does half the damage to endurance and half the knockback power
  • have rampart boss be vulnerable to gromnir grenade.
  • mighty boss now have a 20% damage improve even out of the mighty mode

on reward:

  • have one of the two emperor chest won for a complete pilgrimage be one when reaching the second shrine, the reward for pilgrimage is already rather low compared to 1h30 of quick play so at least make it so 1h of consistant winning is garanty to be worth something.

outside of chaos waste:

  • add a “testing ground” in the keep, a small arena with four button allowing you to spawn ten slave, two stormvermin, one chaos warrior and one ogre rat. So people can test weapons on talent on something more explicit than the training scarecrow^^

Hope this wasn’t too long and some of this will be in the next patch ^^

Not sure what you mean with this one. Bots give both the healing draught and the potion to the player if he has an empty slot.

Illusionist is been confirmed for being reworked. So wait for the results of that.

It is three chests you get for completing a Chaos Waste run. And one of these is granted even in failure (unless first map) which is already better than Adventure mode where failure never grants chests (outside of level ups). Also, 90 minutes seems rather long. A normaler CW run takes a bit longer than three Adventure Mode games, have however guaranteed highest chest grade on success. The rewards seem balanced to me.

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Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:
good news on the illusionist.

on my last three games I have had situation where the bot kept a healing draugth even when one of us had an empty slot, it seems like they only give it if the player is missing a large chunk of health.

I don’t really agree on the reward aspect but that’s a purely subjectif point of you and a good rework of the grudge will probably be enougth to satisfy me.

Did they mention it during a live or somewhere written down?

It was definetely mentioned in the live stream: Vermintide II Developer Stream: 18 February, 2022 – fatsharkgames auf Twitch

The interesting part is at 54:10. So just jump there. Other than that I am sure the CW did write it down as well. Let’s check: For example here: Question Thread for Developer Stream FAQ :: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Helmgart Keep - General Discussions (

And I am sure it can be found on Reddit as well. So yes, this is confirmed multiple times. However, no word on what it looks like.

Honestly, does sound like a bug to me. Literally, never had this happen to me. Bots have emotional issue with the player having the healing slot empty. They won’t pick up healing items if you have the slot empty (unless there are two or more available). And the moment you have the slot empty (and no other player / bot needs it) they will give the draught to you. I am sure they would give you their medpacks if they could.

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