Some special attacks are pointless

Specifically, Agripinaa Mk VIII Braced Autogun.

Seriously, what’s the point of slapping enemies with the gun? It doesn’t have better impact/stagger than using melee weapons nor it has meaningful damage. It only makes sense to switch to melee and push + attack at the same time.

Can you at the very least make reload possible during the special attack? So it can be a little bit more useful. Or make it a counter attack like Catachan Mk IV? Or make it reload 20% faster if we hit R within 2 seconds after the slap? There are a lot of possibilities here.


Yes give the gun a flashlight that is only worthwhile on lights out.

That will be better.

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totally agree. some special attacks are pointless and they feel super generic not offering ANY particular advantage or solution at any particular situation

I highly suggest trying it out on rangers.
I recently found out a surprisingly large amount of weapons can stagger them with the special hit.
Most notably, helbore and dueling sword poke.
Being able to stagger rangers is not pointless, it can save your life. If you try it out and it cant stagger then then yeah… Its pretty worthless.

Yes, Turtolsky and Ogryn knife punch for example can stun ragers. The gun slap however, only interupt armor ragers but the Cultist Berserkers don’t give a dang.

the slap is the best thing ever, it is the second funniest $hit i have ever seen
you can’t take away the slap, it brought me a good 10 minutes of joy just slapping enemies repeatedly and listing to the funny slap sound
it is on ogres default weapon, yeah sure make it better make it slap harder, make enemies go flying or whatever, but keep the slap, it’s hilarious

As mentioned making reload possible during the slap would be nice. Send enemies flying is just too much lol

if he’s reloading with his hands… what is he slapping the enemy with??? his fat :chicken: oorrr???

I’m not a game designer, that’s their job. They gonna make reload animation during the slap, that’s doable. Or make it +20% reload speed 2 sec after a slap as mentioned. I don’t care.

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Actually if you try to slap them in the face they have a surprising amount of impact. The psyker staves for example cam even stagger a rager, if you hit them twice iirc. Not very practical yea compared to a flashlightm

All those slapping special attacks have a decent impact for sure. But as you mentioned and I agree that it’s not practical. I never feel like utilizing those special attacks is a better option than using my melee wep. If we know our melee weps well enough, we can chain kills, stagger, be offensive or defesive simultaneously.

What I think a special attack should do is either:
1.) Cover the weapon’s weakness (but with cooldown, 10 sec or whatever)
2.) Boost the weapon’s strength.

Either of the two. A utility special attack is fine if done right. For example, you can use Turtolsky special attacks with heavy attacks to stun lock a rager, crusher, and mauler. That’s perfect.

It also doesnt help that stagger system is very complicated (id argue needlessly so). For example enemies have different resistance during certain animation or states. What i know for certain from gameplay is 1)heavy attacks provide some sort of effect that allows stagger to happen more frequently (maulers can only be thrown to the floor with the bullyclub slaps if a heavy or a light? Attack was made to him first)
2)certain animations or attacks on enemies grant them hyperarmour, such as ragers attacks. D

Yep, that’s also true.

Would be cool if the guns’ bash attack triggered quick-reload animation on hit or something.

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