Almost every weapon special is too weak

So, every weapon has a special attack now. I was pretty excited to go ahead and start seeing what every weapon had to offer, but I was really quickly disappointed in just how bad most of them are. Outside of the chain weapons and power/force swords, I don’t see any special attacks being used outside of memes.

A bunch of Ogryn weapons have a slap or similar attack. Niche and not usually useful, but could be worse. However, things like a low damage jab on an axe when the light attacks are the same thing with more damage? A flashlight on half the guns? Using a Psyker’s stave as a melee weapon with low cleave and lower damage when the staves already specialize in horde clear, a slash with a sword that’s again basically just a worse light attack or a push or bayonet stab with a rifle, Flamer or Bolter that does very little damage, stagger or cleave? These aren’t useful.

Can we get some buffs to these? There was some serious effort put into these attacks, but as they are now maybe a quarter of them will see any use.

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While some definitely need a better special attack (having parry on the Helbore lasgun’s bayonet would be amazing and far more useful than what it has now) some just need to be explained way better.
The Ogryn’s ‘slap’ on many of their melee weapons has massive stagger, enough to break a Rager out of their combo most of the time. This just isn’t communicated to the player in any meaningful way.

Except for the force, chain and electric weapons, the place of most special attacks in the melee combat dance was clearly an afterthought.

Look at the basic Catachan Sword’s parry : there is no reason to ever use it because the riposte is not particulary strong nor does it give you any invincibility. Imagine parrying a Rager’s combo with this : the risk/reward is abysmal.