Some new MAP suggestion (with images)

We need new map significantly different from those we already have (that are really nice by the way) and Hive city doesnt mean every map have to set in industrial environment…
Here some idea for new map that could bring some fresh air :

-High city garden :

-Hive city farm :

-Abandoned sector (everything is ruined and swampy) :

-The desolation surrounding the Hive city (large open area with roads, pipes, bunker…)

It could be cool to see something like that !


These all look cool, and in general I just really want some more open areas like the end of the train mission (consignment yard I think?).

Also I’m not really sure how well this would work in Darktide? Feel like it would be weird fighting ragged groups of Chaos cultists and guardsmen in picturesque sunny gardens, and if such things would even exist in any significant capacity on Tertium. For some more greenery, I really like the idea of the farm a lot more and find it more fitting to the overall theme.

New sectors would be quite great, think we’re getting new missions/map for a few more content drop first though.

Though I would prefer a Chem Greenery, with Chem still nearby, would bring more to the distopia that are Hives where the only plant life is there to make and export Chems rather than grow food.

They do exist in theory in the Higher portion of the Hives. Could have us take part in Subsidiary Spire (Usually home of specific groups, like Guilds, Imperial Officials or world Noble) that was overrun by the Cultists

It could be fun if the morning star gets a obligatory mission from a bougie higher-up official in tertium that directly orders them to do petty plant-retrival mission in a affluent corner in hive city while the rest of the hive city suffers garetly. it could be a great excuse for a change of scenery or dialouge on characaters being amazed at the extravagance of the place in contrast to the rest of tertium, mission control ragging on how they get pushed around or how corrupt everything is.

More missions outside of hive city itself would be nice too. Raiding a traitor base in the outskirts of Tertium like in some dreary swamp would be nice. Anything other than staring at a gray-metal-tin hivecity would give a lot of visual variety.

Ye, something different would be really cool

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