Map variety and ambient npc wishlist

Hiveworlds have been an aspect I’ve wanted to see depicted in a game for a long time. Hives are absolutely massive and I’d love it if a few maps could capture the enormity of these cities.

I really hope to see aspects of Hive city life worked into maps. Mainly in the form of ambient NPCs. Things like mutants, ghoulish servitors, stranded Adeptus Arbites squads, and potentially hostile hive gangs. Or more intense and surreal encounters like having to fight through manufactorums while helpless slaves or apathetic hive workers are forced to keep working, watching the destruction next to them. Could even take us outside of the Underhive (which dominated the trailers) and show us busy, clogged highways, the poisonous smog cover, and towering spires in the layers above.

I think it would speak volumes of what’s at stake in game if facets of Imperial life were in plain view of the players instead of a few interactable npcs in the hub alone. If not also give players unfamiliar with 40k a brutal diorama showing why hive worlders would ever think losing a nose and getting 3 kinds of chaos approved skin conditions is a viable lifestyle over worshipping the Emporer.

On the practical side of things, really hoping for maps with alternate paths. Using Vermintide 2 as an example, I mean like Fort Braksenbruke where the map determines which paths you have. Since your mapping team puts so much depth and detail into maps, I think you could even expand and give maps 3 or 4 alternate routes.

Also hoping for mission variety as well. V2 has an abundance of events where the objective is sit and wait. Needs more tangible objectives, blow up a tunnel or a Quick Play friendly version of a slaughter map like Fortunes of War. Could do fetch quests, too, like gathering promethium barrels to ride a chimera or lemon russ out while shooting cultists the whole way.

Also Happy Holidays!


Well, have you read (or listened to on YouTube) the pcgamer magazine about darktide? They pretty much make us hope for everything you say, so I’m really hopeful about your points.


Ah, excellent!

Considering the scale of Hives, it wouldn’t make sense if all of the maps are total empty desolation like V2. Chaos Cults need converts before they can really start sacrificing servants of Big E in mass.

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From what i know:

We get Forced split group and Puzzles , which sounds really good. makes your blood Pumping and intense Action if you split.
Acid Rain, so i guess we have Missions around and outside of the Hive. Since how can it rain inside Buildings, but who knows, Nurgel has his Schemes XD

There is Stealth mechanics, which i really hope for. I reckon it is like V1 where you can sneak and kill Guards if your carefull so you dont trigger Hordes.
Dont think we see Gangs but would be neat. Like you do a Sidemission inswide the Mission and they will come and aid you when hordes come as a gratitude and since they are happy to have them seen gone aswell.