Some endgame feedback

After 450 hours i’ve reached everything in game. I have tons of red items for all careers, completed all maps on legend and still want to play. Play for cosmetics, cosmetics that have drop rates of god (that means not existed). Before patch 1.1 community asked about drop rates for veteran items and for cosmetics, why veteran items got new drop rates and cosmetics don’t?

Btw @Fatshark_Hedge I’d suggest gaining inspiration from Diablo 3/Path of exile for replayability and farming value. Many may say there all sooo different but theres a lot of things you can learn from these games. Especially Diablo…new content 2x times in 4 years and now no more…yet so many people come n play to level their Paragon levels and get strong while there is always more n more higher difficulty and more variety of gear loot

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