Some character ideas

1) bretonnian knight.
a)questing knight
passive - every grimoire team holds increases his attack speed and crit chance by 5% and stamina regen by 20%, gains 15% curse resistance
active - for next 10s he gains 50 temporary health and his attacks ignore armor and stagger enemies
melee weapons - sword, sword and shield, mace, mace and shield, 2 handed sword, 2 handed sword and shield.
ranged weapons - hunting bow, crossbow
b)banished knight
passive - every headshot increases backstab damage by 100% for 10s, every backstab increases headshot dmg by 100% for 10s, instantly slays unsuspecting foes, +50% ammo
active - for 10s every melee hit counts as backstab and every ranged hit counts as headshot
melee weapons - sword, mace, dagger and sword, dagger and mace, dual swords.
ranged weapons - hunting bow, crossbow, arbalest(stronger crossbow with longer reload and less ammo), warbow(same as arbalest for bows)
passive - 30% damage reduction, every enemy nearby increases this bonus by 5%, 4 max stacks, if his block is broken he staggers nearby enemies, 20s cooldown.
active - grants his damage reduction to all allies and causes them to gain 2 temporary hp with every hit for 10s.
melee weapons - sword, sword and shield, mace, mace and shield, 2h sword, banner and sword, banner and mace
ranged weapon - 2nd melee weapon
banner special action taunts nearby enemies

2)high elf
a)shadow warrior
passive - when crouching and not moving ranged attacks automatically crit and ignore armor, moving disables this passive for 10s, headshots reset cooldown, +50% ammo capacity
active - +50% ranged atk speed and automatic headshots for 10s
melee weapons - sword, sword and shield, spear, spear and shield, 2h sword.
ranged weapons - elfbow, elfbow(quiver of fire), elfbow(quiver of shattering)[penetrates armor and knocks enemies back with less ammo]
b)loremaster of hoeth
passive - cant vent or dissipate heat, melee attacks vent 5% heat and cause fire dot with damage proportional to current heat( lights his weapon on fire based on heat)
active - fills the heat bar for 10s and prevents explosion, 2nd use launches fireball and ends the buff venting the heat.
melee - sword, sword and shield, spear, spear and shield, 2h sword, halberd
ranged - soul quench(basic missile, secondary launches few at once), arcane unfroging(penetrates armor, secondary penetrates targets and deals more damage), fiery convocation(conflag staff pretty much)
all spells launched by hand, no staff
c)white lion of chrace
passive - 40% damage reduction, immune to friendly fire, can block ratling fire without shield, every weapon got 5 shields base, push strength and angle of shield weapons.
active - for 10s, instantly slays mansized enemies and taunts everyone else when hitting them
melee - sword, spear, 2h sword, 2h axe, halberd
ranged - elfbow, elfbow(quiver of fire)

Ill add more later.

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