Solutions to Zealot's "Healing Issues"

Even without considering the team, zealots are actively avoiding getting random buffs in chaos wastes because there are so many that provide healing over time.
Zealot is in a unique position because his mechanics mean his effectiveness can actually be hurt by something that is intended to help.

It isn’t a “ree” to ask for an oversight in how the class works to be fixed.

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So you literally dont want any risk for all rewards with this class? You want all his stupidly strong passives so work for it.

Works for WHC/Pyro/etc.

Having played both a fair bit i think stating that one is better than the other is a bit off, they are both good. If anything i´d note that zealot is indeed more durable and can bring a ranged weapon while Slayer is more mobile, has much better crowd control and melee DPS overall.

That last part is especially visible on bosses.

But since i like QP and expeditions a lot i tend to favor slayer over zealot because i dont wana risk having to deal with the health gimmick all the time in case regeneration or healing comes into play.

Was this a serious statement on that you shouldn’t pick a career available in the game? :thinking:
How is that any better compared to giving Zealot ways to negate green HP?

This is not very good, in fact. I would benefit from having more effective tank bots in my solo games

Just brainstorming here, but how about Zealot’s ult, Holy Fervour, takes away 30 health and turns all green health into temporary health?


THIS sounds brilliant to me

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Pyro can easly blow self up, her ult is crap with absurdally long animation that can get you killed. Sure no risk
WHC, where is his amazing thp gain or free power ?

How is this better than playing game and just dealing with mechanic, if you want full rewards you risk sometimes.

taking damage on purpose at the beginning of a run is stupid
repeating that every time stacks are lost is even more so


Honestly I don’t see the issue:

  • The benefits are worth it.
  • There’s no shortage of things to take damage from.
  • The way his benefits stack in Chaos Wastes more than makes up for the mild inconvenience of regen. (Granted regen doesn’t play 100% nice with temp HP, which can cause the green HP to be less convenient to get rid of.)
  • Your teammates will make any number of mistakes anyway, so healing you is just one more thing they’ll have to learn not to do. (If only there was a way to avoid this before it happened, like a chat or voice chat system where you could communicate your desires and intents to others.)]
  • They should take a look at the mod that makes bots not heal Zealot. Might be worth incorporating that logic into the main game if it’s solid.

I mean I can imagine a possible change where Zealot’s ability costs 50 HP (min 1 life) and gives him 50 THP. However I’m not sure that’s a good chance for lower end players where it’s actually not a good idea for them to always be at 1 HP because they’ll go down. So perhaps as a talent it might work (though I also don’t like talents that are “expert-specific”, since that tends to be bad design too).

Better in every way possible except for the one fact that…
Well, devs have to implement this feature.

Otherwise, Zealot players don’t have to worry about gaining green HP or handicapping their team.
Team doesn’t have to worry about talents either.

Your risk as a Zealot is that you have to lose HP and play with constantly decaying health, while also not being able to use health items if you want to utilize your career fully.

Not getting heal for your team or getting green HP on Zealot is not a risk.
Even more: not getting green HP on Zealot might be a bigger risk in some cases if your game is tough and you’re near death.
It’s a flaw in game design. And having a choice of not getting green HP at all fixes that while making the career even more risky.
The only thing I would add as a nuance from the OP’s first idea is that healing items should still give green HP, because that would be an unnecessary buff for people that whine about powercreeping.

Basically there’s no reason why this career is so special in this case.
Considering how many sources of green HP were added since release I literally see no harm in this change.
Agitating for inconvenience in gameplay is something that I will never understand.

Nah I just think they should do away with the whole “Get below 30 green HP then you’re set” game-play loop.

constantly decaying full thp because of how easy zealot can gain thp hmmm yes very high risk

Implying there’s no situations where it’s impossible to gain THP in decent amounts/at all for a decent periods of time, or that Zealot is literally immortal by that logic?
What’s the point of having an argument if you just ignore everything else and just sarcastically nitpick.
“Let’s keep everything as it was used to be and get used to it” is what prevents games from being more enjoyable.

There’s zero risk involved in pyro. Her heat gains are 100% predictable and completely under the control of the player at all times. There’s only greed and mismanagement, not risk. Exact same scenario with her ult; getting stuck in a long animation only happens at the players discretion. It doesn’t happen randomly or without warning.

As for WHC… :rofl:

Unchained and zealot are the only careers with an iota of extra risk in their designs. With zealot it only just barely matters at the start of a map before they’ve built up temp. And if unchained gets punished by her passive then she has her ult to vent heat plus multiple talents to improve coverage and recover lost health.

Oh whc have 100% ult uptime like you know zealot. And of course whc have 30% passive more power and 20% more atk spd, ofc dont forget 37% dmg resist or insane healing receive :slight_smile: Yes for sure its same.

And pyro not exploding, sure like staffs and flamer dont m1 after you get hit when you charge use it hmm yes

The UC has always been in a much poorer position compared to zealot. While they both embody the high risk, high reward concept, the zealot is at risk from only one missed/dodge block and has many ways to quickly mitigate it. OTOH, the UC risk is a lot higher: she is the poorest ranged Sienna who can either also be at the bottom of the melee Siennas, albeit with a lot of HP, or a solid melee fighter (but nothing fantastic) who is infinitely more sensitive than the zealot due to aoes, forcing her to take Abandon. And the aoes that will get her down are the ones where she can choose either to go down due to overcharge or due to hits received while trying to overcharge.

I like the self-flagellation idea. Some other possible solutions are: an option for the Zealot to opt-out from health regen mechanics as suggested in:

Or rework the Zealot to get temp health instead of permanent health from team regen talents as suggested in:

Another related post:

This is really more of a game design/mechanics issue than the fault of the player who chooses to play Zealot.

The Zealot should be given a full rework to not be the only career disadvantaged by a game mechanic that gives an advantage to all the other careers.


but zealot bot is already fairly lame.

In this regard, I have a GREAT request to respected developers: please do not take Zealot-tank away from me, I really need him - both as a bot and as gaming career.

His pure ability to survive is very important to me.

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