Solo players deserve to die alone in the dankest dungeons, don't rez them

I srsly cannot fathom why players do solo and try to get the glory and die like imbeciles. This game clearly states it a Coop game so the cooperate and move together.

People who go alone to pick tomes and die alone.
People who go alone to destroy chains and then die alone.
People who go forward alone only to die to mobs.
People who try to get green circles and die alone.
People who run around like maniacs but cannot cover other’s backs.
All the slayer Bardins.

These people deserve a lonely death, do not rez them, Bots are far better than these people so just trudge on. Learn to play together or else play with bots, stop playing with human players.

All the HMs.

However, it’s always nice when 3 people manage to get ahead together quickly because the 4th dies fighting the horde behind them.

What difficulty do you play usually?

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And what about people that go alone, leave all the consumables and clear the map while not actually dying?


Then play alone, unless it’s a carry. Those people are very very rare.

This guy must be playing on cata-

oh. Hate to be that guy but it sounds like you need a 50mg dose of “git good”.


While “Git Gud” might be a bit flippant, Champion does somehow breed this behaviour worse than other difficulties for some unfathomable reason. If you step up to Legend you’ll see thismuch less as this behaviour gets punished far more severely by the game.

Personally I find it very satifying to run past their prone bodies and don’t res them, and it is glorious when the other three (still alive) run past and leave them tied up.

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This will always happen as long as you play with randoms, it’s just 4 people with their own thoughts and opinions and everyone thinks what they do is right. Just use the in-game voice chat to share your thoughts, or add players to your FL who are on your wavelength. Rageposts in the forum always end up in the “git gut” trash can unfortunately… but to be honest, you could also play Cata+ + twitch + deeds + cream and sugar cherry on top and it wouldn’t change anything.

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And people wonder why we have these elitist topics popping up at random intervals.


unfortunately most loners don’t get the point till you leave them down. Sometimes they realize , “ooh, maybe I should stick with group in a coop game?” :ok_hand:

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More likely they are complaining in the steam forums.

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If I’m in a game and someone runs off solo, I go with them, then they’re not solo anymore.

Leaving people down intentionally just seems like bullying to me.

Idk, I’m just a casual player. Randoms are random. I don’t expect much beyond being nice to each other.


Yeah, whenever I see posts like this I wonder what OP and the others were doing.
Really ironic to see OP saying he leaves his teammates to die and also the following in the same post.


I believe he meant when that individual runs off from group and dies every few minutes? Are you saying that you’ve never had a game like that ? Because it gets annoying really quick.

I guess the group could initiate a kick but then you get labeled a “bully” or “op”, not someone just trying to enjoy the game. Can’t win either way I guess, easier to use bots sometimes.

It’s annoying, but honestly there’s a reason for some of those actions.

Assuming they know what they are doing, they are doing the team a service, some of those backtracking are almost annoying as a team member dying.

Slayer Bardins are some of the most reliable allies I’ve ever met. On champ they’re probably just learning the ropes of the career. I used to jump-suicide against every special I could find before learning how to play it.

That being said, some players are annoying to me (talking legend/cata). What I can’t stand is players joining me at the very end of a map, dying doing something idiotic then instaleaving as soon as they see they have doomed the run. I wouldn’t so much mind it if they’d stayed for the following map. But what does that tell them? Or do they intentionally leave to ruin another run?
They should be able to figure out the problem lies with them.
Luckily, on cata it’s mostly good teamplay.


Yeah he meant that, but the Irony is still there. “theyre not behaving like teammates so neither will I!” Yeah, I have. Not often, but it happens. All you have to do is block them on steam and you’ll never get in a game with them again.

I remember back in the day when i was learning the game playing on champion, it was almost always a bad gameplay experience, even when the match went ok it seemed like everyone were playing on their own and not giving a damn about their teammates.

When i moved up to legend things got better, there was aways at least one guy that played the game as a coop game so we both cared for the other two players.

After 1 year playing on legend i met a cool dude and we started our adventures on cataclysm and boy… this is were the fun is at, people actually try to play the game as it was intended.

I sugest you try to climb up at least to legend, your games will be a lot more fun i assure.


^ this - just remember that blocking players in steam is the same as not wanting to play with them. If a group leaves someone down after 3 or 4 times of soloing, the individual may learn about sticking with the group.

Example: salts in group today was great but, didn’t stick with group, soloing most of the way. He was almost to end of the docks in “the pit” and had a tome and grim. He got punched off by chaos warrior with nobody around to help him. I just typed in chat “didn’t see that coming”. I don’t think he liked that because he rage quit. Sooooo, good player but cant stick with group. Do I “block” him on steam or laugh at the stupidity? What I really don’t like is when that type of person screws up and looses the game for whole team.

Koltver has the right idea of adding people in steam that do well and play as a group. Then you can really start to enjoy the game. Just lay off the “bullying” and “op” labels, people gota learn somehow or our steam blocklists will be larger then the playerbase.

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@Rat_Effer Does the game track people you’ve recently played with like Warframe or other coop games?

The only way I know of to do this would be to open their profile while they are still in your game (not easy if you’re still trying to salvage the run).

Honestly, I generally play solo with bots or with a few friends, because even if the bad players make up less than 10% of matchmaking, it’s a bad enough experience that it puts me off legend quickplay.

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