Sold a shotgun from my inventory, got coins, bought new shotgun, now my old shotgun reappeared in my inventory

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Issue Description:
I managed to somehow get back an item i sold for coins after i bought a new item from the shop. This means I now have the item back to resell for more coins if i wanted, duplicating items and coins.

Error Displayed (If Applicable):

Steps to Reproduce:
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I did not list the steps here as I don’t think this should be public knowledge. How should I provide the data from the issue and the steps?

Mission Name (If Applicable): None (main lobby)


Player ID:
[carpunch/ Steam Community :: carpunch]

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[12/02/2022, ~19:00(PM) EST]

Reproduction Rate:
Once - Rare (<10%) - on accident as I don’t want to actually do this on purpose.

I am quite new to the process here and didn’t want to provide information incorrectly to the wrong people on this issue.

Edit: Spelling

I have saved the log files and steps needed to recreate and can provide them to the correct location here or somewhere else.


This is YET ANOTHER bug that is there since the previous closed beta.

I honestly haven’t bothered to open a bug report because I was sure that Fatshark must be aware of it, unless they don’t read the bug reports.

What seems to happen is that anything you buy in the lobby is not really synced in the backend until you either reload the lobby (exit to character selection) or go on a mission and then return.
It’s like your client has registered the transaction but it’s not there for the backend.

You will not really get that money.
The workaround is to simply wait until the end of the next mission, or reload the lobby so that the backend sync up. After that you can “discard” (aka sell) your weapon as normal and you’ll get the money and the item will be gone as it should.

The inventory bug still hasn’t shown up as a known issue but I’ve seen it happen to streamers since beta and is consistent for me. However I never get coins, that’s how I know it’s bugged.

If I get a new item and open my inventory to replace the old item, everything will revert as soon as I close the inventory screen. I ALWAYS have to reopen the inventory, replace the item again, then discard the old item. If I try to discard it the first time I get no money and it just reappears in my inventory when I reopen it. I have to do this EVERY SINGLE TIME I get a new item.

I was just going to post about this bug because it wasn’t a known issue and I know it’s not just me.

I got coins for the shotgun i sold, and purchased a new item from the shop, and then had the old shotgun and the new shotgun in inventory. I don’t think this is the same issue, but they might be. Working in Tech Support for software I know how the same issue can crop up with different results depending on the user. Hopefully, same issue, with possible different results.

i gained coins, and lost no inventory.

I have left out a step or two of my description to hopefully prevent it’s repeatability by others until i can have a dev or someone review the bug.