Standart shop visual bug (might have lost items)

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Issue Description:

I was selling items to get gold for a good item in the shop i had some grey items low level and was selling them. Sold 6 or something like that. I changed how the items were sorted and then changed the sorting back. I sold a item and one more and then got confused because i recognised the next item as one i had already sold. Alle the items i had sold were back. I then closed the inventory and opened it again. The items were now gone.

I now have 2 cornernes:

Did i get gold twice. This is more for you if this can be exploited

Did i sell high level grey items by accident because of the visual bug. (i cant tell for sure as i cant remember as i save a lot of items)

Crash Report (If Applicable):
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console-2022-12-21-13.33.50-fc5f43e2-2858-4e94-b96d-656d4c66ee75.log (891.3 KB)
darktide_launcher.log (42.1 KB)

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i dont know how to reproduce

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12/21/22 15:55 GMT

i hope you can find the bug and maybe even restore high modifier item if they were lost. (modifier rating 350-380)

kind regards.

I’ve shared this with our developers. Unfortunately, we’re not able to restore items at this time.

well i might not have lost any. Might you return to this thread if things change? In any case thanks for the info

can you see what item i sold?

Hey. Sorry if this is spam. I would like to know if you can tell me what i sold?

I have no other question

Have some good days off

kind regards