Social Wheel Spam?

Anyone else concerned with the the possibility for abuse of the chat wheel?

Without any kind of spam prevention I can envision some toxicity from trolls:
Help! Help! Patrol! Help! Patrol! Patrol! Help! Help!


You idio-


That may be somewhat annoying, but it won’t be game-breaking, unlike other things griefers or trolls are willing to do. Besides, the same (chat spam) can already be achieved by quickly switching, say, a Tome and a Healing draught multiple times in a row, or just spamming single-character messages to the chat (not even dangerous with the Chat Block mod). Afaik, they (for now, at least) work like any other chat message, and do not have voicelines connected to them (which would certainly be a lot more annoying, especially when someone gets the bright idea of spamming).


I take your point, and also agree it isn’t game breaking.

The difference between tome spam / manual chat messages and chat wheel is that chat wheel spam can be done while being otherwise active (moving or fighting).

Trolls will be trolls, for sure.

I would really like voice lines and no I don’t think spam protection beyond pootis is necessary (no interupting of lines).

Maybe if you play Smite or Paladins, you may change your mind.

‘Need Healing’, ‘Need Healing’, ‘Need Healing’, ‘Need Healing’, ‘Need Healing’, ‘Need Healing’, ‘Need Healing’, ‘Need Healing’, ‘Need Healing’, ‘Need Healing’


spam doesn’t really affect what’s going on in the game for me at least

it’s more entertainment also seeing stupid stuff like
“Come here”
“Come here”
“Come here”


and then watch as the slayer goes on a 1 man rampage


You have to the other dude asked for it there is no way around it now.

let the morons have their fun, if the worst thing that happens in your run is some moron spamming voicelines then be thankful they blew off the steam instead of ruining the run to annoy you.


‘It can be worse’ is a fair philosophy; cynical but realistic.
But let’s not forget just because something can be worse, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better.

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i think you’re likely to get things worse than better honestly.

I generally hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
C’est la vie.

Infact there is spam protection.
After 5: “too many Social Wheel messages, please wait a moment.”

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nobody spams

maybe 2 or 3 messages of patrol or monster
that’s all

social wheel is very useful

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i spam like 5 Patrols when i hear one

but i’ve been in games where people still don’t see the message, and then i get all sad. lol

I like to tell Sienna and Slayer to pick up ammo XD


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