So my thoughts on the game so far

I love a lot I hate a lot

Going to start on the negativity,

So a lot of the talents are just too samey from class to class and I still feel FS went too far with the balancing and has put the game out of wack in more ways then they fixed. So many talents, traits, and descriptions are just completely misleading or flat out not do what they say or even work. So many things that say one thing actually do another or flat out out doesn’t do anything and it makes it infuriating. I main Saltz and he is so underwhelming compared to every other hero. Every other hero has a class that just outshines every single one of his. VT2 has introduced a whole new level of “meta” that never existed before. In Legend mode the most successful teams are the same two characters for backbones and the other two are just aggro getters. Ranged has taken over the game purely not because it is strong BUT because melee is so weak and really only one class can survive melee mode anymore ( Bardin looking at you ) I feel this game was rushed and incomplete and should have had a lot more polish time but was spit out waaay to soon for its own good and they are paying for it dearly.

Things I like and give praise for,

I like the work on the environments and I also thing the CG is well done. I like the character audio and sayings still top notch BUT IF I GET CALLED MAYFLY 100+ times in one run by the elf I swear to god I will murder someone. Level design is good I like how they have a lot more drop downs to stop back peddling and resource abuse. I guess I like everything about the game on a cosmetic and environmental level. I do enjoy the character designs as well. As far as mechanically same old same old with a lot of borked new mechanics that I hope in time will benefit the game more then hurt it.

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