Some of my feelings after about 800 hours

So, first and foremost I want to say I love Vermintide and Vermintide 2, secret map is awesome, new challenges were good, but im about to lay down some negative stuff I think needs to be addressed to further the longevity of the game. After 800 or so hours, i’ve most of the challenges aside from say the deeds, or getting black skins for every character, did FoW on legend, ect and a plethora of deeds, and now its the first time im starting to feel bored. I main Kruber playing FK and Merc to 30(+60) and then Huntsman to 30(+200), by far my favorite hero, elf being my second (currently 30+84), but here is the issue, elf is easy to the point of gameplay not being fun, with her current builds and Huntsman i’ve just played too much, so I decided to look for another class I might enjoy and I couldn’t find one. This brings us to the first major issue I have.

Class impact on games and the general feel of playstyle: I like Archery a lot so I leaned towards Huntsman / Elf early on, however the melee mechanics in this game are amazing, im not shy about getting into the fray but most of the melee classes with few exception feel terrible, the massive slowing on movement speed and dodge from larger weapons, slow attack speeds, mediocre damage and wave clear compared to elf with DS or any number of ranged loadouts not to mention the biggest issue of all. A lot of other careers like say Ranger vet can’ kill and clear as efficiently as say Shade or Huntsman, slow reload, long aim times, less damage, less crit, slower movement, less impactful talents ect. I understand that this career is meant to fill a support role but outside of FoW thats hardly needed, classes like Shade, Battlewizard, WHC all make current content near trival.

Issue #2: This has been addressed a lot but layers and layers of RNG, im 800 hours in and don’t even have every type of red option for my main, and very few cosmetics in general, meanwhile my friend with a very small lead in playtime has almost every possible red (with illusion) and maybe 30 cosmetics, its frustrating to say the least.

#3 Another huge issue is mobility, doing solos or even playing with people esp on stuff like fortunes of war, you can’t just big d1ck and stand in 1 spot, you have to move, or if you are last man standing going for a rez, most of the weapons in the game have HUGE mobility modifiers making you crawl like a slug even with backdodges (aside for elf of course cause why not). I don’t think this makes for great balance or gameplay when you can easily skirt away from danger or even kite (in a circular motion) and outrun your enemies while attacking and dealing damage if you have good mobility, meanwhile if you get overwhelming odds and you have say a halberd, you just die. Having 2h stuff have a -5 to movement compared to elf weapons at -0 is a joke, plus no skilled combatant is going to be moving that slow even with a halberd, it doesn’t make sense and its just plain awful.

More to come when I have the time.


You said it yourself:

Other heroes/weapons in general aren’t weak. Elf’s careers/weapons are abnormally strong.

I think its more than that, like prior to the new DLC your options on huntsman were 1h sword or 1h mace if you wanted mobility, halberd if you didn’t. 1h sword was broken and to my knowledge hasn’t been fixed, 1h mace felt kinda weak, sorta meh, you bounced opponents around often times knocking mobs behind yourself by mistake, halberd you just moved like a slug so while you could normally handle yourself in melee if stuff went south you just had to kill it all on the spot or die. Having weak options for certain careers just feels bad, and isn’t enjoyable to play.

Fair call. I’m of the (probably) unpopular opinion that most of the game’s weapons need nerfing in one way or another. IMO the weaknesses you’re describing (lower mobility, less immediate killing power, etc) are important for making weapons feel balanced, engaging and rewarding to use.

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