So ive been looking through the Lexicarnium

To just see what weapons we have yet to see in Dark tide that do exist within the Warhammer universe. I know not every weapon could show up for various lore reasons but if they toss aside that aspect and just start seeing what they could add just to spice things up what armament would you love to get your hands on.

My choice will always be the Asuryani Singing spear for pskyers which basically functions exactly like assail shards to some extent but with a lot more oomph

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It would most likely have to remain Imperium or renegade. Humans can use Shuriken weapons, but an Eldar Psychic weapon would be very hard if not impossible to use.

However no reason to say we couldn’t get a normal force staff that does something similar.

Personally I (still) really want the Crusader Power Sword and Suppression shield.


:cat2: :gun:


When I saw those emojis I thought you were referencing the Postal cat and gun interaction…


In this piece of concept art one of the Bulwarks, specifically the bottom left one, has what appears to be an Ogryn chain cleaver. IIRC no such thing exists in-lore but I’d love if I could use it for my Ogryn.


I’d still like there to be real eviscerators.


Man those shields would be sick I almost kinda wish ogryns have some kind of chain whip

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Someday we will get a game like Darktide where you can play as any race and use most weapons and they all look and feel cool af. :thinking: :thought_balloon:

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I think there is more potential in a tide game where all play as Eldar variations than a game where all races are playable.

Could have either characters or archetypes (2 Eldar, an Autarch, melee+ranged, standard fighter, and a Warlock, a Psyker; 2 Dark Eldar, a Succubus, a melee centred light/dexterous fighter, and a Heamonculi, a support and tanky fighter; and a Harlequin, a jack of all trade)

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To remember, any historical (and quite a few ahistoric ones) can exist in 40K, and can exist in any of the variations: Mundane; Ogryn Proof; Monomolecular; Chain: Force; Shock; Power; Sonic; Blessed/Imbued

But that we don’t have yet that I think should happen:
Shared: Twin Catachan Swords: Catachan Sword and Dagger; Twin Catachan Dagger; Shockmaul; Shockmaul and shield
Veteran: Hunting Lance; Munitorum 2h Power Sword; Power Falchion; Laspistol and Powerfist; Catachan Sword and Powerfist;
Zealot: Twin Chain Axe; Vindicator Flamer; 2h Chain Axe; Chainflail; Power Flail; Twin Chain Fist
Psyker: Biomantic Swords; Force Glaive; Psykana Mercy Knife; Force Sword and Dagger
Ogryn: 2h Power Hammer; 2h Power Pick; 2h Hammer; 2h Axe; Axe; Spudjacker; Rocksaw gauntlet; Rock drill gauntlet

Tech Reject: Transonic Blade; Transonic Razor; Chordclaw; Twin Transonic Blade; Transonic Blade and Razor; Twin Transonic Razor; Arc Maul; Arc Lance; Omnisian Axe; Taser Goad



It would have to be a “”“hunting lance”“” to be able to be used on foot lol.

Hunting Spear if you prefer, but Lance is from base a French word for Spear.

The Brits just got scared of the French Cav. that they named the word of Cavalry spear the French word (No in reality it’s because British nobility liked French, so used many French words, Lance, Pork, Beef, Mutton…)

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It’s interesting, but it doesn’t change the fact that the only Hunting Lances in 40k are only designed to be used from Horseback and are far too unwieldy to be used otherwise.

Maybe GW would let them make a smaller variant. The lightning spear especially wpuld be interesting to see in game. But it’s dubious.

I feel like we should see more anointed weapons for zealots since we do have a daemonhost presence but I think if they were to add in those they would need to add more of a inquisition presence within the game

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More than Daemonhosts, we have full blown demons without a physical tether like a human body in the Beasts of Nurgle. There already should be a bigger deal being made about that. It’s certainly far more worrying than a pair of twins with refractor fields, and a plasma pistol and powersword between them.

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I think somehow the information is being kept on the downlow on how bad things are on tertium to explain the need to “hire” rejects but ya corruption tends to breed more corruption and if its not quelled itll just get worse.

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I don’t doubt that rejects are lied to about the nature of BoN: far more elite soldiers certainly are. It’s that the higher ups have literally 0 reactions or urgency for stopping such summonings that doesn’t make any sense.

Also the pfp change confused me a lot for a sec. I like it alot more.

lol ya i hadnt updated my profile in a bit decided to use my same profile img. I do wish we could have a daemonhost incursion of some kind when Space Marine 2 comes out in a way of loosely tying the two properties together somehow even if they are in no way connected aside from the property. I just feel like more story needs to be added to add flair as its getting a bit stale and I have been a long time supporter of the game

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Im still waiting on Dan Abnetts Darktide book… I can dream!


Right after we get the Vermintide books

Not joking though, I could see them use Darktide for an updated Only War/Dark Heresy module. Like how Cubicle 7 did some quite heavy handed inspiration from the U5