New weapons suggestions

I am not knowledgable about 40k universe tbh, and I know you guys are following the lore when it comes to weapons, but it doesnt hurt to try and suggest I guess.

a power Brass knuckle or a Power Fist weapon for Ogryns could be very interesting for example

any 40k fans could suggest weapons from the lore that arent in the game yet?

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I would really like more force staves.

What I would really love would be a force staff that functions like the Black Hole PSI-Amplifier from ELEX

It basically throws a grenade that sucks all enemies hit toward where it impacts, which allows you to juggle them at range if your aim is good.

Of course on the force staff this would require charging the ability to get as big of an effect as in ELEX.

looks interesting yeah, but not sure if its in the 40k lore.

Only played Ogryn so far, but here are my wishes:
They are lore-friendly option for Ogryns, tho it might be hard due to the two-slot system, usually you can’t really carry anything else in the hand you have your powerfist in.
I haven’t really thought about how and what function they should serve, just that it is a lore-friendly option.

Not as lore-friendly in the sense that no sane man in the Imperium would issue a Meltagun to an Ogryn. But then again, the Imperium is rarely known for its rational actions.
The Meltagun can either be a “normal small size meltagun” or if we go balls to the walls, a Multi-meltagun.
Function-wise, against the misconception of melta-weapons being a flamer, this weapon will be a cone-based single shot short-range weapon, with high-damage against any armor type. The cone itself won’t be super wide, but it will have a good stagger to targets surrounding the damage zone, with diminishing returns depending on how armored the target is.
The biggest challenge would be to balance a big damage weapon with a slow reload/cooldown without making it feel either too strong or too situational.

(A Multimelta gun wielded by a spacemarine, but smaller versions of the meltagun exist for both Imperial guards and Sister of Battle.)

Basically anything the Genestealer cult has:
Seriously about any of the heavy weaponry they have. I would say every option is lore-friendly in the sense that most of the “heavy weapons” are just mining tools, so while it wouldn’t be issued to a guardsman Ogryn, I could see it in the hands of a penal legion Ogryn.

(Heavy Rock Saw, so the Ogryn too have his own chain-saw weapon)

(Seismic Cannon, basically a dubstep gun, shaking the innards of living things, could be used as a crowd control weapon)

(Mining laser, basically BIG lasgun)

Think that wraps up all my wishes for Ogryn weapons.

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i think the idea of ogryn just beating up heretics with practically bare hands is really good, and i can practically see it in game. Functioning not as a CC weapon but more like the tactical and combat axes of the man sized classes, doing high single target damage as you just WHOLLOP the chaos out of some heretic crazies

They are not bare hands they are basically charged up Thunder hammers for hands.

Also chain fist please.

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Nah just let big man use his hands he’s a big boy he’ll be fine

Give the Ogryn the first Dual-Weapon, and let the Ogryn’s use TWO Human-sized Power Mauls. Like V2’s Dual Hammers, but with the special to bring both down in a mighty, explosive Power BONK.

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There have been variations of psychic Vortexes that suck people in in several different 40k related games. Vortex of Doom for example, though that’s a bit bigger in scale than what makes sense in this game.

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Brettonian longshovel with riposte fighting is all the weapons this game needs!

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