So are we going to talk about how busted revolver is or are we hoping nobody notices?

But it’s a full-powered shot equal to 1/5 of the fully-loaded weapon’s damage output.

Does the revolver have a max cleave through weenies? I haven’t actually tested that (Creature Spawner has been giving me issues for ages). I use it for situationally-appropriate horde clear a LOT, and it can positively decimate crowds, even with a single shot.

The upside is situational, I use this ability of the revolver excessively, and I don’t think I would/could if it wasn’t effective.

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Non-relevant. Go back and read this thread again.

How is it terrible balance? One Bolter shot makes an entire group of enemies disperse and suppressed. Not hitting your target with a bolter but missing them by just a bit makes them instantly suppressed.
You have more ammo. You have roughly equivalent damage per shot. You have MORE burst with the Bolter because you can magdump all your bullets. This makes it better for boss deletion and crusher deletion even.

Having two competing, yet different high burst options is good game design. Revolver is obviously the precision low-ammo burst damage gun and Bolter has more frag per magazine + explosive damage.

A superior functionality to cope with it’s much inferior ammo situation. It’s lower magazine size. It’s singular reloads per bullet. You’re hyping up a compensation mechanic.

You’re not guaranteed to kill a flamer or trapper or gunner. They can survive multiple bodyshots, you still have to hit the head. Not critting is also an option.

You’re hugely overselling the Revolver because you so desperately want to see it nerfed, as it hurts your WH40K lore enthusiasm. It’s painfully obvious. This is personal for you.


I mean, this is the only way critical builds can be viable currently, you make sure as much as possible of each magazine is all crits. There’s no way for “gambler’s” super crit type builds to even exist, and given that it would probably warrant a total rework of the current breakpoint paradigm, I doubt these will ever be a thing. You nerf surgical, you pretty much nuke nearly all the current auric viable ranged weapon crit builds, at least for vet.

@Mayson I can’t take you seriously when you try to argue that Bolter matches Revoler in strength or is balanced compared to it.

Have you used the lately? Bolter mag-dump does less against elite groups than shooting 5 rounds with the Revolver. The only reason you take Bolter is for burst damage on bosses (and you build the Bolter out for that) and staggering elite groups with mag-dump on melee-heavy builds.

Similar power per shot? The revolver deals roughly equal body shot damage while dealing way more on headshot and with crits while having some insane crit chance. Rough base damage equivalence is a joke in itself, but in practice revolver just does more damage, way more.

You’re bigly hugely underselling Revolver because you so desperately want to avoid it being nerfed. It’s painfully obvious.


Yep, and i don’t remember anyone was asking for more damage, it’s ammo cap and reload speed was mentioned the most.

Meh. 3 shots to supress gunner not worth to miss.

Not a problem, there can be a discussion about buffing it to be more efficient against human sized, non-armored or whatever enemies, adding speedloader etc. With nerfing it’s dmg vs non-human/carapace.

Even if it is so, you are playing wh40k game, so there will be franshise fans. Turning DT into generic military/sci-fi shooter - nah, cringe, no way. There is Destiny 2 already.




Fatshark should change the name of the pistol just to please these guys…
They talk lore, we talk balance… and nothing can come from such discussions…

Anyways, I don’t even bet when I say I am sure that revolver will still be strong against carapace and that hand canon will remain.
They could turn it as useless (something that lore lovers really like to see on 80% of what we have) just by returning to old values (so 40%).

Anyways, I guess that they (devs) have read this thread and have their opinion.
I repeat that surgical strike is a broken blessing cause it is really OP and negates the utility of lot of things in game.
This is the only point that needs an adjustment. But it will also impact other guns that rely on it. But this is absolutely needed.

5 poxes, 1 pox has 1.5 mass eh…points, i think. Same for shooters.


Get rid of these on Knife

You are hugely under selling the Revolver because you have fun with it its current overtuned state. This is personal for you.

We have been talking both and you keep conveniently forgetting all the balance talks…


Thanks for taking the time to capture that! Do you know if headshots/crits/trickshooter change that at all?

I AM talking balance.
And lore
And one informs the other. This has always been the case.

A handgun with instant draw and perfect percision should not be out preforming a rifle with a super low ammo pool and supposedly high damage low controlability shots. Especially against heavily armored targets and especially when we KNOW that there is a bolt pistol on the way and probably a plasma pistol some day.

Ad hominem. You lose. I win.


Cringe. Cope more.

Now now this is starting to look like a steam forum discussion …

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I accepted your concession as well.

Touch grass man. You are obsessed with ruining one of the only weapons that is actually balanced right now. Maybe turn your attention to how to improve the under-performing weapons.

They keep buffing enemies so nerfing our weapons is not a valid solution to the perception that a weapon is outperforming other weapons.

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Until we have more handguns keep it like this. After that they could make a whole balance pass just for the handguns. At least I would do it like this.

Currently gameplay wise it would be a best decision not to touch it. We have 3 different handguns for different playstyles. Basically pitchfork folks are just running around and always rioting at a different weapon.

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At least this take is self-consistent. “Revolver isn’t OP it’s just that everything else is a piece of crap”. Don’t agree, but I can at least respect that unlike some other takes.


If only 1 weapon is balanced, then maybe it’s not balanced

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You forgot the power sword man, its also balanced.

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