So are any of these going to get addressed?


There are probably even more, but just wondering if anything’s happening on this? Or for that matter some of the introduced bugs, like Rock of the Reikland removing DR aura? I feel like some hotfixes and patch note corrections are pretty overdue by this point.


There is also Knightly Temper, which still doesnt award THP on kill when triggering. So its either buged since day 1, and reported for about as long, or its missing a “does not trigger on kill THP” line.


Y’all only have to wait until next season start.


Report these in the bug section.

Lol the linked post is from the bug section. Rock of the Reikland bug has also already been reported and acknowledged in the bug section.

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GK got released 23rd of June. Knightly Temper got reported being buged June 26th.

Imagine Shades Infiltrate not granting THP anymore. Itll appoximatly take sixteen minutes before the Forum lights up like LasVegas and another half an hour before a megathread gets born.

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