Extra stuff missing from Patch notes

Just miscellaneous stuff that I’ve found not mentioned in patch notes.

  1. Khorne skull totem mutator no longer modifies hordes.
  2. Kruber spear shield no longer has a block delay on lights.
  3. More Hordes Mutator: multiplier from 0.7>0.4 Twice as tough
  4. Atharti’s Delight from Sister of the Thorn fixed to only trigger on melee hits.

Thank you.

Disappointing. All that aspect really did was facilitate some passable, but not at all competitive Hagbane and staff builds. If anything needed tuning it was the bleed applying to armour on non armour penetrating attacks.

@Aqshy was this just treated as a bug fix, or was the overall balance actually considered in this fix? Atharti applying to ranged helped out deepwood and hagbane that are otherwise pretty lacklustre if not downright bad on Sister. It was a somewhat interesting interaction that as far as I could see had no problematic builds coming out of it.


Yeah sometimes it’s better to just fix the description if it’s working fine although unintended. Depends on cases, but in this case I feel like bleed with ranged could have stayed.

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No zoom on beam staff M1?

Beam staff zoom is part of known issues

Honestly no zoom sounds like a positive all things considered. Obviously the dot not functioning properly is a big issue.

I do hope they consider relegating the zoom to special attack rather than the forced zoom it’s had to to this point.


Was this just treated as a bug fix, or was the overall balance actually considered in this fix?

This is a bugfix.

I appreciate the clarification. I do wonder if simply altering the talent explanation to match the effect wouldn’t have been a better fix. It was an interaction that was kept in check well by first having to apply poison to enemies before being able to proc the bleed with your ranged weapon.

It’s not a major concern, but wanted to voice my thoughts on the matter since I found it an enjoyable interaction that somewhat broadened build variety with Sister. I do kind of hope reverting the fix is considered in the future.

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Could the lack of DoT on Deepwood left click also be a bug? Or just out dated tool tips.

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