After the rework SOTT got these 3 new weird bugs

  1. For some reason in Chaos Wastes after the rework Sister of the thorn can pick both Ironbark Thicket and Blackvenom Thicket , making a very weird and clumsy combination. The combination turns ult into Blackvenom Thicket, however it also spawns 3 little branches for 10 seconds with no proper use, as they don’t stop enemies, yet can block your attacks. The staggering effect is still there. I believe that is not how it was intended to work. Before the rework players were not able to pick both talents for a longer wall and a burst of roots.
  2. The new perk Tanglegrasp Thicket also came with a bug. Only non-hosts can see it. If you place a wall not exactly in front of you, but higher or lower from you current position, the wall won’t be placed correctly - instead it will appear at an angle, making it harder to visually understand where the wall is currently standing and where is the blocking line for the enemies. Not a crucial thing, yet again I believe that’s not intended.
  3. Perk Atharti’s Delight says that only melee attacks should make poisoned targets bleed. Yet in fact all of the SOTT attacks (including ranged, bombs) apply bleeding to poisoned enemies. Personally, I think that is great and should stay like that. It’s a pretty balanced, and not very strong detail that sometimes can help you to apply a little bit more bleeding to targets that you’ve already poisoned in close combat, yet then got distanced from during the fight. However, again, as description says that only melee hits should apply the effect, I wonder if I should expect it to be changed one day?

Here’s a link to the video showcasing the bugs - After the rework SOTT got 3 small, yet bothering me bugs - YouTube

These are 3 new “issues” that are not that big of a deal, yet have been bothering me for a while. Curious to know if I should expect any changes in future updates.

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