SotT Wall ultimate needs an update/buff

I’m tired of whenever I try to play Sister while using her actual wall, that teammates in quickplay always complain that it stops them from killing hordes or sniping things. It doesn’t matter if it actually helped control a horde in some way. Other players will always say it’s bad as soon as they see it, but I can’t really blame them either.

9 out of 10 Sisters I see tend to only ever use Bloodrazor Thicket ability that transforms their ult into an instant damage/ instant stagger ability. Her other level 30 talents need to be a lot more attractive for the sake of having balanced or at least kind of equal choices

I don’t want to only ever use the Bloodrazor Thicket myself just because it’s the only good option, I would like to use her default without getting complaints from the rest of the playerbase for trying something different.

Feedback on how to improve it:

  • Make walls semi-transparent when you’re close to them
  • Make walls wider because most enemies step around it in 2 seconds without issue. Most corridors are still wider than your walls.
  • It would be useful to be able to paint walls somehow on the ground when on open fields.
  • Allow team projectiles to shoot through. For special sniping.
  • Allow melee attacks to hit enemies through it
  • Give adjacent teammates a large Block Cost Reduction boost/and or Stamina Recovery so reviving downed teammates is more viable.
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I want them to remove it and add thorny roots that entangle enemies and cause them to bleed in an area. The wall is annoying as can be on so many levels. It actually makes me happy bloodrazor thicket is better than the other options even though it’s op. The fewer walls I see in my games the better.


Basically this.You could champion the wall’s capability to
funnel hordes however much you want but in the end,it’s only really useful in very few areas of the maps available to us as most of them can be pretty wide open,not corridors.All it does in its current state is just unnecessarily lengthening horde encounters.


Blackvenom has some uses but generally yeah, far from being good enough for an ability even on cata.

Its a heap of junk on an open field, its junk in a clustered area with multiple access points(just forces hyperdensity) and its even pretty bad against something like stormers who have some really…unfortunate interactions with the walls.

Or the likes of packmasters/zerkers/monsters attacking through them.

Honestly I think the “wall” form of her ult needs to be nixed entirely. It would make much more sense if she had an circular AOE vine trap that was placed on the ground. I’d suggest something similar to Zyra’s ult in League of Legends. Every time someone takes anything other than Blood Razor I assume theyre trolling (and they usually are).

I imagine an ult that would be functionally identical to a fire grenade, perhaps longer duration, inflicting bleed to enemies walking through the area.
One upgrade slows enemies crossing over it, second explodes and deals extra flat damage at the end and a stagger, the third would apply the 20% debuff to enemies inside the area.
Would also fit the name and theme of a Sister of the Thorn


Makes too much sense. I’d much rather have Sisters of the Thorne checks notes BUILD A WALL

I’d prefer something that actually rooted enemies for a few seconds while inflicting a bleed, but your idea is certainly better than a useless wall.

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