Grail Knight Blessed Blade does not give thp with Lady's Wrath anymore

Doesn’t matter which talents you choose, all Blessed Blade does not give thp from thp on kill(Lady’s Wrath). Thp on stagger(Lady’s Generosity) still work with it though.


How in Sigmars name did that happen?

Whatever damage, or blessed blade talent you choose no THP at all gets awarded via kills. Anyone got bets for how long this will be dormant in the priority list until someone works on it?

It took from June 2020 to Jan 2021 to fix VoKTs THP bug. So another half a year?


So by fixing Knightly Temper not awarding on kill temp it broke Blessed Blade’s ability to award temp on kill. Just out of curiosity, have you tried Knightly Temper with on THp on kill talent while using Blessed Blade ? Cause in that case if Blessed Blade crits and damage is enough to proc Knightly Temper then temp hp should be awarded.

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No it doesn’t.

Now that is a bummer. Thanks for the info.

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Hope it gets fixed soon. THP on kill on blessed blade is pretty darn important on GK.

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