Grail Knight talent bug

With Virtue of Knightly Temper talent chosen, execution kills in some (don’t know what causes that) cases don’t grant thp with thp on-kill talent also chosen.

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Probably happens when the talent actually procs, I don’t know though just basing it on other tests people made

I had a hunch that maybe it only happens if the damage you dealt without the execution bonus wouldn’t kill the target, but I’m still not sure.

Suspecting this. Maybe the flag for the enemy getting killed gets set in a way that it checks for temp health gain before the death gets registered. As in
Damage Calculation->critical hit->Not enough damage to reduce to 0 health-> check for kill for generating temp health->crit damage gets quadrupled->health gets reduced to 0->enemy gets flaged as killed

You dont get onkill THP from targets that get killed by VoKT. If the standard crit damage is enough to kill the target, you will get the THP.

That bug is as old as GK himself.

That’s especially annoying since Shade gets THP from her instant kill passive.

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