Patch 3.1 Bardin ranger, Shade, Grail Knight Kruber bugs

Bardin ranger talent exuberance image still works 7 seconds when you hit headshot, but it writes 30 seconds.

Shade talent vanish image disables Cloak of mist crit image .
You need to activate vanish by killing enemy in his back and then use ability with talent cloak of mist and you will “disable” crits.

Kruber Grail Knight Talent Lady’s Wrath doesn’t work when Virtue of Knightly Temper is active image
if an enemy was killed by a critical hit then temporary health is not given. But if enemy was slain by usual strike it will give temp hp. Same for his ability if you will kill someone with this talents you will not gain temp hp. I was testing everything on cata+deed hbfs(x2elite-hp-&-damage) not in keep .


Top bugs. It needs to be fixed

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