Grail Knight - bugs

After a 3rd error i have discovered what causing it. A talent at level 10 in Holy Knights tree which is one-shooting enemies when their health is lower that your crit value multiplied by 4. When your attacks are non-crits then everything is okay. When game is trying to calculate crit then is a crash. Here is error log. Nothing much to say except that it occured first at the very last moment at engines of war.

GUID: 394341c0-bcdf-460d-aa86-714d94f8615a
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/settings/dlcs/lake/buff_settings_lake.lua:219: attempt to index local ‘breed’ (a nil value)


I can second this but in my case it happens on the dummies in the keep (haven’t tried it in QP yet)

It also happens because of the lvl 30 talent “Virtue of Audacity”, second strike is 100% crit IIRC. I found out that it happens when you crit on barrels, Beastman banners and dummy.

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