New Incorrect Tooltips

Here’s a list of tooltips that are inconsistent between in-game tooltip and patch notes.

  • Walk it Off : Nerf not mentioned in patch notes.
  • Exuberance : Headshots reduce damage by 5 seconds (patch notes). 30 seconds (tooltip). Actually 7 seconds.
  • Rising Pressures : Reduces attack speed down to -50% (patch notes). Down to -150% (tooltip - makes no sense)
  • Rune-Etched Shield : Grants power for 6 seconds (patch notes). 10 seconds (tooltip)
  • Vengeance : Rising Anger grants 10% attack speed per stack (patch notes). 8% attack speed (tooltip)
  • Asrai Alacrity : Grants 10% damage (patch notes). Grants 10% power (tooltip)
  • Shadow Step : Increases damage by 10% for 1 second (patch notes). Increases power of next strike by 10% (tooltip)
  • Bloodfletcher : Internal cooldown unmentioned in patch notes and tooltip.
  • Dual Action : Killing an elite enemy with a melee attack while out of ammo restores ammo (patch notes, incorrect).
  • Outburst : Tooltip refers to “Damage over time/DoT” as “dot”. Confusing.


Rangers parting gift
throws within the duration of the ability will not be consumed, but actually it just gives you 1 free bomb throw with no duration.

Field rations
Says 4% damage reduction in game, on the patch notes it says 3%


Shifting seasons
says 10% power on next strike, is actually just a 10% power boost, affects bleed, etc.

asrai alacrity
same as shifting seasons, applies 10% power buff, not 10% power on next 2 strikes, works on ranged, bleed, etc.


Volley Crossbow said its cleave was increased by 75%. From testing I’m pretty sure it was actually 0.15 -> 0.2, which is a 33% increase.


Thank you all, please keep adding any new discrepancies you spot in here!


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