Small Suggestion: Different Icons for FK's Protective Presence variants

Title. While it is usually obvious for others if FK runs the extra-stamina-variety, it is not so much if it is either the extra DR or the extra movement speed. I don’t think it would hurt (nor that it would be much of a hassle) to make small alterations to the icon depending on what choice FK player has taken. A small icon could be added into the top right corner of the picture in the effect tray to represent that.

Extra stamina: small stamina shield in the top right corner
Extra DR: small plus symbol in the top right corner
Extra Speed: Small foot icon in the top right corner.


Does anyone even look at the icons for buffs and debuffs? I’ve got nearly 1000 hrs and still have no idea what any of the icons mean.

Sometimes I do, though that’s more for checking the remaining duration or cooldown on them than for checking what I have on. A useful primer for learning what each icon means is that they have the same icon as their relevant ability. Of course, not everything still fits there, but the rest are still mostly quite easy to learn.

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