Small Improvements for Great Effect

Hello everyone. I have been playing this game since the Steam summer sale and i have been greatly enjoying it. During my while playing i have noticed a few things that i would call defects in the game that i am sure easily could be improved and by doing so greatly improving the player experience.

I have compiled a list of things that should be enabled or made optional for a player if possible:

1. Friendly hit markers. Friendly damage is not a big problem for serious players but the bigger problem is that friendly fire generates hit markers. Usually a hit marker means an enemy is right behind you and the reaction should be to immediately get out of the way. However if this is caused by friendly fire this can cause mistakes. I do not mind a player shooting me in the back, i do mind if i have an enemy horde behind me. So being able to disable friendly hit markers would be great.

2. Dodging forward. My character can dodge left, right and back. But it cannot dodge forward. I do not think dodging forward would in any way make the game easier because it is in most situations the last thing you would want to do. However i do believe it would make the game more enjoyable, dodging is fun and being able to do it forward would make it more fun. I think this is a valid reason for a change so making dodging forward a thing would be a great change.

3. Seeing my character in the Play screen. The first thing i see when starting the game is a menu where i can choose to play, modify options, etc. What i also see is the last character i played standing in the middle of the screen. However what i do not see is the current equipment my character is currently equipped with, instead i see a standard equipped version of my character. This is minor but i sure would enjoy seeing my achievements in the game when choosing my character before i play.

4. Push only binding. I can bind a button to dodge only, which i do because it is needed unless i accidentally jump instead of dodge with the dual binding. An equal binding but for Push only would be useful in the same manner. I rarely find myself needing to block during playing the game with the characters i enjoy playing and it would be great to be able to bind a button directly to push instead of having to do the dual button combo.

5. Blood in the face. Maybe this is a stretch since it arguably makes it a little harder slaughtering hordes when you cannot see because you have a lot of blood in your face from slaughtering hordes. I however find this annoying and would enjoy an option to turn it off also it would not make it that much easier since its basically not a big deal until something unexpected happens. I do not know if the turn off blood and gore option effects this thing but if it does i do enjoy the gore in the game except when it is in my face. So if that is the case a separate option to turn off just the face blood would be great.

I think that is it about now. Let me know what you think of my ideas and tell me if you agree. I am sure there are more ideas about little things that could make the game even more fun to play and it would be fun if you could share them if you got them.


This doesn’t invalidate your post, but in the steam workshop under V2’s sanctioned mod catagory are a few QoL ones that cover your first and third suggestion if you want to grab them :+1:

(Sanctioned mods are ones you can use in official realm)


Yeah. Still wish FS would implement some of them officially though, like for example the crafting UI improvements one that keeps the items in the crafting slot on rerolling and also displays what properties/traits they have underneath (without needing to hover). It’d help remove the tedium for newer players who don’t know about those mods


Yea, nearly everything you asked for is covered by mods. But yea, it’d be nice to get nearly all the mods put into the game. So people on consoles can have the options as well.

This one lets you customize a lot of things.

You need these mods for those to work.


A caveat with that one is it only applies the weapon skin you’re using if you’re using the same weapon as the hero select screen default.

I can also heartily recommend UI Improvements, Loadout Manager & Reroll Improvements, those were the ones I alluded to in my post and they have saved me the most time and inconvenience outside of actual rounds.


It should still apply your armour skin, just not the weapon unless it’s the default one.

Very good mods. I use nearly every single approved mod though xD Besides the NeedIT mod.

The no wobble mod is my favorite though.

Can’t play without it anymore.

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Yeah, that’s what I meant.

Yeah, no wobble is also great, I use that too. Why the hate on Needii though? It’s convenient.

Parry Indicator also comes in handy, might even get more use now if it works with the new talents oriented around parrying (like WHC’s).

Personally my favourite combat ones are Persistent Ammo Counter and Locked and Loaded

Other than that Armory, Bestiary, Sticky Grim and Killfeed Tweaks all come to mind.

I think those are all the main ones.

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No hate, just don’t “needIT” < u C wut I did thar. I just glance at my team mates with the UI mod and can see how much ammo and potions/bombs they have.

Personally I like it because it reduces how much you need to glance at the UI if you already roughly know how much ammo your allies have left. For HP it is less useful.

Which reminds me, we forgot NumericUI.

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Nah. I like wobble. It makes gameplay more dynamic…that’s my suggestion of course :smiley:

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This pretty much fixes most of the issues i had and some i didn’t even know i had. I did not know any mods were so called “Approved” on the official realm. Thanks so much for the great tips!


Yes this helps with it. That or turning down blood decal amount, one of those options. Helps a ton.

If I’m not mistaken though, you can leave all the gore on ingame, blood splatters and all, but keep it off your screen with that mod. There is no way to remove blood on screen without that mod.

I have zero blood on my screen just by turning blood decal or blood and gore off (at least the on screen splash). Don’t have that mod installed at all.

I think the issue is that the in-game option that disables the on-screen blood also disables other gore effects. If you want to disable only the on-screen blood without affecting those other things, then you need to use a mod for it.

ah, that’s weird. I know during the WoM beta, I still had my screen covered in blood with those options turned off. Maybe that was a bug.

But yea, if you want the gore with out the blood and dirt on your screen, get the mod.

C’mon, wobble off, blood off… why do you guys disable alle the best things of the game? :smiley:

I don’t mind the blood as long as it’s not on my screen. The amount of dirt, grim and blood obstructs my view. How am I supposed to 360 no scope gutter runners like a MLG pro elf?

As for wobble, I get physically sick, motion sickness from the wobble.



Grumbles in dwarven. I thought being a mlg pro elf meant gapping it ahead and getting downed before anyone can arrive to help?

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