Gameplay/Menu's/UI Feedback

Remove the Bar stats on items and give us flat numbers
A yellow bar showing my cleave damage tells me absolutely nothing if I don’t know that I’m actually getting to the next breakpoint or not.

Add secondary keybinds, why you didn’t bring over the ability that you already had in place in the game this is essentially a reskin of is mind boggling. You speak so often about wanting to make your game more accessible and that is why you allowed macros in Verm2, yet here we can’t even have a simple secondary keybind for an action?
Having Space do both dodge and jump is handy in most cases and you can do that here just like you could in Verm2, however in verm2 you could also have another key bound to dodge that would only dodge. This was a big quality of life because in most cases you could go for the more comfortable option but when you had to be absolutely sure you executed a dodge and never jumped by mistake then you could use the dodge only keybind.

Need scoreboards at end of missions
Really feels frustrating not being able to know if your gear/talent choices are making a big impact or not on your performance/damage ect, also sucks not knowing how you and your team did individually. This feature gave Vermentide 2 a lot of replayability because it would help you actively monitor your progression as a player.

Thanks for your consideration, Make Momma Brahms proud!