Slayer should have more base HP

He is a full melee career with only one ranged weapon available from a DLC, so why does he have the same base HP as the squishiest careers in the game like Huntsman and Pyromancer? Surely he should have the same amount of health as Mercenary and Zealot, especially considering dwarfs in the lore are more meaty than umgi, and his dmg reduction or dodge isn’t all that insane, so why is this the case? Feel like it would be a nice little buff to Slayer.


how is 50% dmg reduction basically all the time not “all that insane”. use that talent with barksin

he’s literally one of the tankiest heroes in the game. jus be more aggro and play more

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Ok but it still makes more sense for him to have more health logically.

I think in Vermintide the base HP actually represent how armored a character is. So the slayer, who is mostly naked, wouldnt make much sense with lots of base HP. He gets his tankiness from active buffs, not from passive protection.

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exactly. im telling, he’s surviving overheads on cata, he doesnt need any help. let this one go my friend


He dont need more hp he have insane CC, damage and mobility.


I’m dumbfounded.


OP is correct.

Get rid of both damage reduction talents. They’re both jank and one is basically the new not-optional half damage talent.


Yeah they are outshineed by dodge talent

Yeh, this fellas opinions are pretty interesting to say the least.

His 50% damage reduction talent is basically mandatory with how useful it is compared to the other ones.
Like it was already stated. Combined with barkskin you’re getting 90% damage reduction and that makes you a god.

Adding more health would be an unnecessary buff. Unless you want to propose balancing his damage reduction in the same move. He is -the- #1 tank in the game.

actually its not 90% because that dr reductions are not addition. And really both dr resists talent are useless, with how much slayer have cc you dont need any dr resist

All that means is that the true value is only a little below 90% then. Whether the DR is multiplied together first or the damage value goes through each one.
However it works it turns all ranged damage, aoe and friendly fire into very low numbers. Allowing you to charge into any situation blindly to kill specials or other stuff for more THP.

Extra dodge range doesn’t let you eat the barrage of two ratling gunners and kill them for a profit of THP.

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No good slayer need to eat barrage of two ratling gunners

Yes, slayer has high dmg resistance but it’s not active all the time. Barkskin still requires you to take the initial hit and with the talent you’ll probably have gaps where it’s not active. Otherwise, yes, it’s like the most dmg resistance in the game.
This isn’t necessarily meant to be a very serious discussion, it just feels wrong to me that the dwarf melee career has so little health. Someone brought up the idea that it’s meant to represent how armoured a career is, but then Zealot isn’t exactly wearing much, his arms are pretty naked. Oh well.


Zealot have Sigmar on his side, slayer want to die :smiley: thats big difference

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It actually is. Just so you know, that dude, r/OrangeChris, is the creator of the Damage Calculator Spreadheet, so i believe he knows his sh*t.

OP arcticle to that is also a good read about picking block cost reduction over stamina (imo only in most cases, my exception: Slayer dual axes) and dmg reduction over other stuff.

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Someone brought up the idea that it’s meant to represent how armoured a career is, but then Zealot isn’t exactly wearing much, his arms are pretty naked

I admit that Zealot is the one example where this does not quite add up. He does wear chainmail, but so does the Witch Hunter in addition to plate armor for his right arm. You could also argue that the Ranger Veteran is better armored than the Slayer, but as a guideline, I think the idea is fine.

Still, it makes sense that the barely clothed frontline fighter with a literal death wish should not rely on passive abilities like hitpoints to stay alive.

Yeah maybe but testing on modded shows different stuff :smiley:

if played right slayer can be super tanky, but itʻs gimmicky. Iʻve had some instances where I tank 2 stray hits in a horde and heal basically everything up in the next few seconds. Iʻve had other times when Iʻve been hit while swinging and lost nearly half my HP cause grimnirʻs focus was down.

Instead of more HP iʻd love to see grimnirʻs focus get a little buff in uptime, so when iʻm swinging iʻm actually receiving the damage reduction