Help me understand


The Engineer seems to be wearing a lot more >>>> PADDING <<<<< than Ranger Veteran but not as much as the Ironbreaker.

Yet, both RV and the Engineer have 100 base hp.


So, please explain it to me like I’m a 5 year old because it doesn’t make sense to me that someone that literally has an ARMORED ROBOTIC arm would be just as squishy as a person made with all flesh.

Check the base HP values of other dedicated ranged careers and you’ll have your answer.

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I personally don’t think any dwarf career should have less than 125 base health, cause you know, sturdy Dwarf and all that, but I’m probably in the minority there. Certainly wouldn’t make Engi even close to OP if he had 125 base health.

RV the only issue is he already has a very good DR talent, but exuberance could be knocked down to 20-25% DR to compensate somewhat and then I don’t think it’d be an issue for him to have 125 HP either.


Exactly! Especially now since the Engineer has a robot arm.

It doesn’t make any sense to me.

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RV the only issue is he already has a very good DR talent, but exuberance could be knocked down to 20-25% DR to compensate somewhat and then I don’t think it’d be an issue for him to have 125 HP either.

I disagree, in my opinion any amount of dr is more effective when you have more hit points, for instance 40% with 120 hit points is worth less than 20% with 150 or 180 hit points(168 vs 180 or 216) since you get more effective health no matter how small the dr is, the more hit points you have, so if anything having 25% dr would be too much for 125(150 maximum) hit points on him

You’re correct, I got lazy and didn’t do the math. Exuberance would have to be knocked down to max 20% (25% is definitely too high) to not be too much of a buff (assuming health on necklace and exuberance he’d now have 187 ehp rather than his current 171 ehp). I think that would be fine personally but I quite understand if others don’t.

15% would be ok I guess but at that point I don’t think it’d get picked much anymore.

Edit: Checked your calculations and they don’t add up?

120 health with 40% DR is 200 effective health.
150 health with 20% DR is 187.5 effective health
180 health with 20% DR is 225 effective health

How did you get the numbers from your post?

I’ll admit, I’m terrible at math(and lazy), and was using those numbers as a rough estimate based on how it feels(to me) and how much damage a 120, 150, 180 character can take before dropping dead, So I’m completely wrong and you should just ignore everything(if you want) I said considering I don’t know anything about what I was talking about, sorry for the confusion

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Oh ok that’s fine, your overall point was good anyway. 25% DR would definitely be too much for him with 125 base health. I do think 20% would probably be fine.

Yeah I agree 20% is fine

Yes he wear a lot of garbage on him that make him vulnerable, its not armor its machines that help him hold that crank gun… ofc its should give defense (no that was sarcasm) even gameplay sense says that it shouldnt have more than 100 hp base

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I totally agree. IB and Slayer should have 150 health, RV and Engineer 125 health. Bardin is the original Stout Fellow and it’s not like his carreers are exactly overpowered.

Except when he equips his ablative armour that changes nothing in his appearance :stuck_out_tongue:

Oof yeah can’t say I’d go that far myself

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If Zealot can has 150, so can Slayer. Unless you think that the cloth rags the Zealot is wearing warrant 25 more health :wink:

Yeah it’s that + easy access to 40% DR that worries me. Slayer doesn’t need 300 ehp.

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I can see where you’re coming from. But it cannot be truly a balancing decision, as Zealot is ALOT tankier than Slayer already with his talent kit.

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Honestly, if anything the only careers that should have 150 HP are Ironbreaker and Foot Knight. I’d like it if the different characters and careers were more asymmetrical in more ways than just talents and abilities.

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Debatable really. Also depends how you define tanky. Regardless Zealot is a poor measuring point for balance. He’s pretty overturned at the moment.


Yeah generally agreed, though I have to say I think it’s appropriate for GK too, especially with his lack of DR.

Edit: Expanding on your point. I think Zealot could definitely be knocked down to 125. UC could afford to be knocked down to 125 and she’d barely notice it, but I also don’t think it’s necessarily called for in her case as it is with Zealot.

I’d make all dwarf careers but IB 125. Can’t really think who else I’d want to change. Any you’d adjust in particular,?

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Not anything else, no. I guess it’d look like this:
Kruber - 125, 100, 150, 150.
Bardin - 125, 150, 125, 125.
Kerillian - 100, 125, 100, ?.
Victor - 125, 100, 125, 150 (Warrior Priest probably)
Sienna - 100, 100, 125, ?.

Unchained legitimately wouldn’t even feel it, while Zealot would still have great defensive qualities, just adjusted to make more sense with how he looks and plays. It’d accentuate the tanky armoured careers more like FK, IB and GK.

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