Slayer should have more base HP

Lol explain Bounty Hunter having 100 hp then :stuck_out_tongue:

People overvalue barkskin too. It doesn’t refresh from taking hits while active so its damage reduction isn’t active very much. Get jumped by an assassin and an unmitigated hit will be received every 2 seconds for example. Plus disablers in general will make slayer feel very squishy

@Rumeht I seem to remember you posting very thorough breakdowns of this topic on previous threads. Still think Slayer is kinda problematic?

It’s in the same exact spot more or less. A few bugs getting fixed cleaned up the experience somewhat. But the issues I’ve had still remain and likely will. Still probably the better Bardin career.

Not being able to jump was hair pulling infuriating and that’s been assuaged a bit. Hit confirmation for the heavies are better so things like getting smacked mid 2 hander swing is not a thing anymore. (On the assumption that it’s been completely eliminated and my own experiences aren’t isolated).

The OP is a bit mistaken, however. Grimnir’s Focus is obscenely good. It’s also obscenely inconsistent when not using a 2 hander doing consecutive heavies. This makes it great when it’s active and awful when it’s not. I should note that I’m all for conditionals on skills. Firing Fury, for example, is great. if you eliminate Grimnir’s Focus however, neither Barge nor obvious can pick up that slack. If this had about the enemy spread of L4D2? Barge would be amazing. it’s not, so it doesn’t. As for Oblivious? Imagine the intelligence of taking a skill that only affects the damage of the two types of enemies that will never be hitting you. All of our damage comes from specials and hordes, most of the time combined. It’s awful.

That’s about all I’ve got to say about that. Longer posts take a relatively modest amount of effort and go ignored so I’ve washed my hands of that.


Very fair. I, for one, appreciate the time and thought you’ve put into your various posts on the topic.

Agreed Grimnir’s is inconsistent. If it could be refreshed while active I’d have no issue with it. However, that’d only enhance the issue is the other two talents in that row never being worth picking.

IMO give Slayer 125 health base, nerf Grimnir’s down to 30% DR but make it not have to wait to stop being active before you can reactivate it, so it’s much more consistent. As far as I can see everyone wins this way, let me know if I’ve missed something here.


I agree with the OP. The problem is that Slayer can be a very tough career or the most squishy one… it’s just random. He’s the only full melee career , so he should have another type of toughness. When the 50% damage reduction bonus refreshes itself, there is a “not covered instant”… moreover this game spawns enemies on us, at our back, without emetting sound; backstab sound is bugged too… it’s too easy take an hit while you aren’t attacking.

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From what I can tell, the Bounty hunter only wears decent armor on the head, but not much on the body. Mostly leather and padding, apart from the arbitrary shoulder plates. Still pretty light armor overall, so why wouldnt it fit?

I find Grimnir’s Focus to be very consistent–constant and consistent being different things. Buffs might ‘feel’ nice, but Slayer is the best dwarf career so doesn’t need it

Y’all stop pretending like you’re allergic to Slayer getting 125 base hp. Loreful Slayers (and Perteks) want to die via 1hko from Gors at 300 ping, but most players don’t.

FS buffed WHC hp last year and the only person who moaned about it was one guy who was mad other people were having fun with Salt, then. It was a great buff. Same situation here. The midget needs it.


Y’all stop pretending that he need hp buff when he is king of CC he dont even need dr resists because he is freaking fast with everything

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What’s wrong with my previous suggestion then? He gets more health but loses some damage resistance to compensate, and he actually becomes playable if you don’t want to run Grimnir’s. It’s just not great for all a character’s defense to rely on one optional talent that basically isn’t optional as things are.

Sure he’s fine, but does that mean there isn’t still plenty more that should be done? Surely not.

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Maybe I’m misremembering but he’s always looked pretty heavily armoured for a 100 hp class. Definitely looks more heavily armoured than Slayer, Zealot, Huntsman, all of the elf classes etc.

I actually think appearance/lore is just not what it should be based around, how much sense it makes with the gameplay balance is much much more important.

If you took away Grimnir’s I don’t think anyone would say Slayer is ok defensively as is. It’s pretty problematic to hinge all of a class’s defense on one talent, which has vastly different consistency on different weapons, hence my previous suggestion.


I think I can agree that Grimnir’s Focus kind-of funnels players into having it. So actually the problem lies with the Talent being almost a must-have and making others obsolete, and not the Shrimpy Fella’s HP pool.

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