Slayer Knockdown Immunity

Imagine if slayer was immune to knockdown. As in, when your health reaches 0, you instantly go to black and white, rather than falling and needing to be picked up. In cases where you are pounced, etc, perhaps slayer can autokill the special who is disabling him, a la the deathblow mechanic (seen in TWW, not sure about tabletop).

It just doesn’t feel right to have the slayer laying there waiting for someone to come and give him a cuddle.

There may be some balance issues of course, but potentially this is not a buff, or at least not a strong one. Knockdown increases survivability as long as your team isn’t also knocked down, as your red health is a big buffer against quick death. Slayer would be more vulnerable to damage, but much more difficult to disable. May work better if he procs a knockback effect like with the leap when health reaches 0, to prevent insta-death when a bunch of hits come at the same time. That or 2 seconds invulnerability or similar.

I think it would be both thematically consistent, gameplay enhancing and (just maybe) not that hard to program.

Anyone else like the sound of this, or am I crazy?