Slaughterer Blessing duration on Force Sword

Is it by design that of all the weapons on which this blessing can be obtained, it has half its duration exclusively on Force Sword?

I reckon it’s tuned to the attackspeed of the weapon. A force sword with 3.5 seconds could keep that buff up the entire time during a horde

I don’t know about the Ogryn weapon but I’m pretty sure Power Sword has the same attack speed as the Force Sword.

Can’t believe that OP blessing actualy exists on a force sword. Never -ever- have I see it on a hundred hour playing as psycher.

Dude, do you realize that both Ogryn’s cleaver and Sharpshooter’s Force Sword have not much less speed, but at the same time 2 times more damage and 5 times more cleave? So they keep this buff on the hordes all the time.

Most likely you have not seen this blessing either.

It turns out that some weapons have unique blessings that have only the 4th level. And I haven’t seen any of them in the store yet.

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Jesus christ. I thought that me not seeing blaze on crit on a force sword so far was rare. I did not think this one existed on anything other than 1h chainsword.

So… you have those perks…
And you have limbsplitter…

Were the traits ever balanced after the brainstorm meeting?

Almost 200 hours of gameplay, I have like 6 or 7 force swords, not a single one have I seen Bloodthirsty on. I would love to get that on my fave sword. Bloodthirsty and Deflector. MMMMM oh momma. I’m gonna need a moment alone… lol

But is it guaranteed crit on every special attack, or one guaranteed crit after you’ve made a special kill? One is very good, the other is near worthless.

T4 blessings seem exceptionally rare, I only have a few across all 4 characters.


Yeah I think one of my curious has the +5% toughness which apparently is Tier 4 blessing. But that’s the only one I have.

Been interested in the blessing that increases power based on peril, which at tier 2 seems to stack to 12% despite stating 3%. Meaning at tier 4 it likely goes to 20%. The neat thing about the blessing is it seems to effect damage dealt even while holding a staff or using brain burst, though this may be a bug.

There’s a ‘Power Cycler’ or something Power Sword T4 only blessing that increases the charge duration during chained hits, to like 7 heavies…the short answer is no.