Skulls Comparison

On a seriousness note, I get that VT 2 is getting 3 new maps as they’re remastered versions of old maps, but considering lots of DT maps reuse sections it’s still somewhat disappointing. While I do think there is a decent chance that DT could also be receiving a new class sometime by the end of the year, I think it was a mistake to not announce anything about it. Lastly there is actually a Skulls event that isn’t just completing missions:

  • The Hub is receiving a cosmetic change for the event
  • New Daemon Skull Mechanic in missions
  • Player specific challenge for a portrait
  • Double XP (actually means something in VT 2)
  • Another somewhat lame community challenge involving kills instead of completed missions, however NONE OF THE NEW MAPS ARE LOCKED BEHIND COMPLETING IT!!!

I get DT is an early access title and they are still struggling to actually finish the game. It’s just disappointing that a 5 year old game (no hate towards VT 2 or anything, I’m happy it’s getting this great content) is having a much better in game content for perhaps the biggest time for Warhammer games than their recently released title.


Correction, Darktide is actually a full release…according to fatshark

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Vt2 is stable and doesn’t need much work other than content, freeing them up to do what they want.

Darktide, with the bad release (Which Vt2 also saw) need content but also other things. So next year we’ll see a normal Skull event for Darktide.

While the comparison does look pretty bad for Darktide, them continuing to give VT2 love is certainly not something I’m gonna berate them for. It’s a very pleasant surprise, and will give me another thing to do while waiting for Darktide to improve.


Don’t worry I’m aware of what FS said. I am also aware of the state of the game lol.

Did you not read what I said about that?

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Yeah its like 2+ years since the last VT2 career so I’m not going to complain. However they did say that VT2 development wouldn’t slow DT which was obviously not true. Just like how it was apparently really complicated to bring VT1 maps into VT2, lol. But the dwarf maps was the best DLC overall.

I did just trying to pre-empt people who might be more toxic about it.

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I think we all know darktide is going to be content slow until Fatshark finished Xbox and it’d be nice if they would just be honest about that.

But they NEED to stop grindgating their content. We’re not here for the grind. We are here for the sweet gameplay and they’re just sabotaging the game by keeping us away from content arbitrarily.

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