Skulls Showcase Recap - Karak Azgaraz & Sienna


In-case you missed it during the Skulls Showcase, we announced the next free DLC coming to Vermintide 2, as well as a small note from our favourite Witch!

Karak Azgaraz is a free new content update coming on June 13th to PC and arriving Summer 2023 to PS4 and Xbox One, containing three fan-favorite maps, newly-remastered and updated for Warhammer: Vermintide 2.

That’s right, Lohner is sending you back to Khazid Kro to help a struggling dwarf war party sabotage the Skaven army. You’re going to have to traverse through the Dwarfen stronghold once more and turn the tide in your favour by collapsing the invasion tunnels. Once done, light the beacons and signal Karak Azgaraz to mount their counterattack and foil the Pactsworn’s devious plans!

  • Three remastered levels to explore - Revisit Khazid Kro in three fan-favorite adventure maps, remastered specifically for Warhammer: Vermintide 2.
  • New Okri’s Challenges & rewards - Challenge yourself with new Okri’s Challenges and show your accomplishments with new Keep paintings and animated portrait frames.
  • A free update for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Karak Azgaraz is a free adventure campaign update for all owners of Warhammer: Vermintide 2.


“I know you’re suspicious of what I’ve chosen, but you really shouldn’t be…”

It’s been a while, and perhaps you’re right to be suspicious of Sienna’s choices? Time will tell…

…and not too long to go! Sienna’s 4th Career will release during Fall of 2023. We’re putting some finishing touches on her while we enter the home stretch with her development. We really can’t wait to finally get this career out to you.

This weekend (May 27th & 28th) the Onslaught Series takes over the airwaves on Tune in to see some of the best take on the toughest challenges modded Vermintide 2 has to offer - where fools come to die in glory or live in anguish!

On May 27th during the Stream, Vermintide 2 Producer Sacha will join to talk about what’s been revealed during the Skulls Showcase… there’s a bit to unpack so be sure to tune in!

Skulls Discounts

During the Skulls event until June 1st, avail of mega discounts across all Vermintide 2 DLCs, and even deeper discounts on the game itself if you need to recruit some friends to the cause!

Skulls In-Game Event

Don’t forget to jump in-game for the Skulls in-game event! Until June 4th 2023 join us in Helmgart to check out the new happenings in Vermintide 2!

  • Taal’s Horn Keep will receive a thematic dressing of skulls, skulls and more skulls! Best not to ask where Lohner gets these from …
  • The maps are seemingly littered with Daemon Skulls. Pick these up and you’re in for a surprise or two, perhaps being blessed with a movement or combat effectiveness buff. Perhaps a debuff that saps your life when your never-ending lust to dominate and destroy takes too long a pause * (see below for details). Nothing could go wrong if you grab too many though, right?
  • Complete in-game challenges and unlock an event exclusive portrait frame you can use all year round!
  • Based on popular request, players can now enjoy double XP throughout the length of the event!
  • Last but not least, unleash your inner Khornite and rally together to complete the Kill Counter in time to unlock five exclusive weapon illusions. You can check the progress of the community challenge over on our website or through the game launcher. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!



Will the skulls event be live on the console platforms as well?

It should be live on Xbox and Playstation, yes!


Thank you kindly for the swift responce

Wow, Karak Azgaraz… Did not see that coming. I expected some island adventure, trying to find Hedda. Not complaining though! So far I very much liked all “remade” old maps like Drachenfels and wizard’s tower a lot, and I think over time the maps are only getting better. They’re fun to play and have their own identity, being all plenty unique in character and I love the storytelling FS can pull off with them. And the thought of going on the offensive against the Skaven for once is actually sorta nice as well. Let’s settle some grudges, dawri!

I did expect new Sienna before new maps, but I don’t mind much. From the teaser it seems to be a more dark / necro sort of focussed theme, and I’m really curious what explanation FS is going to pull out of their… sleeves… to explain that away, though…

Did FS say whether the maps will all be released simultaneously (unlikely, I guess) or staggered like the other maps were?


The plan for now is to release all three at once.


Oh wow, crazy! In a good way! Looking forward to it, a lot!


Thank you guys so much for this.


Great showcase at Skulls today! Curious why Siennas flame was turning multiple colors. Hopefully we find out soon!


Love that you’re remastering more V1 maps, keep it up!


oh mah gawd, i was not prepared, not ready at all.:exploding_head:

But, this, this is really amazing and i am all for it, thank you!!!


Just awesome! I keep getting reminded why Vermintide is my favorite game to play. :smiley:

Could be that Sienna will use another of the eight magical winds? Both Necromancers and Amethyst wizards uses the wind Shyish, so that might be a direction even if I personally think Sienna will continue to use the wind of fire.


My guess is that she’s somehow tapping into Chaos magic. The colors her fire flickered to were the same as the Four Gods. Perhaps she’ll no longer have a cooldown? Instead when she hits her career ability, she cycles through channeling power from a different god? Each comes with buffs and debuffs.

I vaguely remember something about Nagash doing something weird with the Wind of Death in the End Times which caused every mage to be able to wield it somehow. So right now my money is on a combined Fire / Death Lore class, somehow based on Sienna’s quote and how Sophia’s magic effects looked in the lastest map.

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Finally a good looking bh cosmetic? Could it be? Anyway this is amazing news, thank you so much! I always liked azgaraz, just like all v1 maps. Cant wait to play this.

Wow you sharks are really making this feel like the golden age of Vermintide! Keep up the good work!

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Dwarven areas have always been my favorite by an astonishing margin. Super hyped for this over on xbox. Also…Hedda! First Sofia now Hedda! Family is comin out the woodwork!

Keep up the good work and thank you for the sienna news!

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Hey uh, this link is kinda borked. This other link should work better: Twitch

Ah, seems it still has the Steam filter on it; I’ll fix, thanks!

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@Aqshy I read somewhere else these will be close to the original maps (a la back to ubersreik) to which I want to offer the following considerations:

It’s probably less of a problem than it was for BTU: we spent way less time on those maps than the original ones. Also, by releasing them now, they’ll be 4 years less than BTU on rotation: that’s good.

I see from the wrecking ball in the trailer there’s gonna be differences in the events, that’s good. Plus the story is what matters, they shouldn’t feel exactly the same.

One easy way to make these return visits feel different would be to change the order a bit (I’m hoping we’ll have the rune map first, as a trek to KK). Also, having us travel the map backwards would be brilliant (towards KK, and not from KK to the rune location). I don’t know how much of this you sharks have considered already, but I know you toyed with the idea of backwards routes in the past. Fingers crossed! I’m already fantasizing about a trek down the waterfall, to the towers area, to take the fast routes down from there to the collapsed road - which could be open now!