Skulls for TEh SKULL THRONE!

With the warhammer skulls event coming on june 1st any hints of what extra violence we can expect?

Id be content with the reintroduction of the Halloween skull thing.

Any clues or spoilers @Aqshy

I would be very surprised if we get any spoilers already. But considering that the event page itself mentions news on Vermintide and also that it has been confirmed on Reddit to contain news makes this a date to keep an eye on:

Warhammer Skulls Returns on the 1st of June For a Sixth Glorious Video Games Festival - Warhammer Community (
Fatshark_Aqshy kommentiert Be sure to chech out warhammer skulls on 1st of june (

It was also mentioned that the community managers recently finished patch/update notes. So something might already come next week. If not a DLC maybe some kind of event.

Well, on the bright side, it is just a little more than a week and than we will know. And maybe we will finally get word on new cool DLCs which are not Premium Careers.


Hopefully some news in the stream on Friday