Skittergate bot jump fail

I don’t know if you edited this map or not since I reported this bug but bots still unable to make this jump. Usually 2 of the 3 fall and cling on the starting side.

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I won’t make another topic so.
Bot only took the first grim after 1.5 minute.
The whole bot team remained up even though I jumped down and killed a horde. Time was 4:15 when I made the screenshot as you can see. The bot took the grim finally at 5:59 around the jumping points at the 2nd grim. Some of the other bots came or teleported to me a bit earlier.

I use the battle mod for bots of course.

And as you can see the chatbox still covers the 3rd player’s equipment slots. Will you fix this bug?
UI Tweaks is still broken, and it was the mod I used to fix your bug.
Or please fix UI Tweaks at least.
HD resolution

You’ll have to ask the modder to fix it. Fatshark has nothing to do with the mods.

Not any time soon I imagine.

Until they do, or UI Tweaks is updated, here’s a solution that worked great for me.
Options → Gameplay → Interface, set Custom HUD Scale to ON, drop Custom HUD Scale to 90.


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