Skins FOMO Mechanic?

Did the old “paid” skins got removed?

Steel Legion Sergeant
Ogryn Beret
and so on.

These are the old skins

I Dont see them anywhere, not with Hollowette or Comissary (the Dockets Shop).

Are we getting FOMO ( fear of missing out) mechanics again?


Yes, they’ll cycle back after a while

Also lol, FOMO


From what I can gather, they currently have 4-5 months of cosmetics which they rotate through. They have 3 pages up for each class, the oldest page is rotated out every 2 weeks.

They say its to prevent confusion, because apparently a store with everything in it at once is just too much for our tiny brains. The reality is that this method is proven to increase sales. People log in every couple weeks, check the store, buy the new shiny skin. It works (though just because something is more effective, doesnt mean you should do it. Look at horse taming for example).


thank you for clarifying it out.

i thought they yeeted them.

That’s the same thing the gears 5 devs said and rightfully they got made fun of and eventually the rotating store was killed off and made into an actual store, fatshark take notes


Sounds like you were scared of having missed out on the older skins… almost as if that’s what was intended in the 3 page limit…

Nah, must’ve been because you were too stupid to handle more than 3 sets of skins at once, right?

Yeah FatShark, you’re not fooling anyone but yourselves if you think a single person hasn’t cought onto your lies about all this FOMO bullsh*t. -.-

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Nah all of their ‘we’re so sorrys’ have proven to be little more than empty words. Store is restocked while the game is content starved bugged to hell and still crashing, and then you have no class or perk/blessing variety/balance to deal with. But its clearly fixed because the store is back.

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The fact that a superb art and sound design team and the insanely good soundtrack are shackled to this dying, idiotically designed disaster of a game continues to infuriate and baffle me.

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Yeah. It’s a tragedy. Me thinks someone over at Fatshark has an ego so big it dissuades both rational thinking and the ability to listen to feedback from fans. I think it’s important to listen to fans since they’re the lifeblood of game dev success.

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If the ego is big enough they’d probably be ignoring feedback from their own developers too.

Don’t worry about it. Some of the older ones that were previously rotated out are already back.


Yeah originally it was one page that rotated every 2 weeks, now It’s 3 pages with one rotating out every 2 weeks.

A tiny bit better, but yeah normal store is the way to go not this FOMO stuff.

Also, the latest batch changed the bundles:
1 bundle had: a 3-part armor and 2 weapons (and sometimes 1 trinket) for 2400A => now its 3-part armor for 2100 and you can buy 1 weapon model for an extra 900A + a trinket for 400A
so you will be still missing one or two extra items and pay 3000+A … niiiiiice

…some of the 2-part armor sets were going for 1100A back on the first pages, now add helmet and 2100 … highway robbery.


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