When do cosmetics return? commissar

I missed the commissar.
Does it return?
if so, when to expected?
Did other cosmetics return, how long did it take?

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I believe the Commodore’s Vesture will be updated tomorrow.

Nobody knows when the cosmetics will be brought back. We have no idea. Fatshark is the only one who knows.

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the cosmetics refresh tommorow, and in exactly two weeks time will rotate again.

From what i’ve seen the older sets reappear in the rotation from time to time, so it will be avalible again soon enough likely.

As much as people love to complain about old sets reappearing after the wait, its good for players like yourself.

I sadly can’t know precisely WHEN it will come back, so just drop by every 2 weeks in the meantime.

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I really want the yellow armageddon steel legion set to come back but it seems fatshark doesn’t want my money :upside_down_face:5


Or they could have avoided the situation in the first place by having it all available in a catalogue, but gotta stick to those FOMO practices.


If they wanted more money they would offer us a system with possibility to recolor any model.
And off course, propose all available item in a shop… and not this rotating thing


Rotation generates pseudo-FOMO since you see other folks with cosmetics that look neat, and when everything isn’t constantly in the shop you get morons like me buying a bunch of fake currency and sitting on it until something neat rolls around instead of prioritizing items and buying less, getting only the stuff you actually like the most.

Could be months close until we see that set again as was only cycled out 2 months ago.

It’s so nice fatshark don’t want our money.

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Same, it’s my favourite outfit but because I’m Xbox I haven’t had a chance to get it yet. I’m hoping it becomes available in the store soon

did they forgot to rotate the shop or it’s later?

Yeah should of happened by now
But fatshark

They don’t run a fomo store
They run a slowmo store


nice one

this is “too complex” to have they said in the first 2 month.

thanks for replys, i have decided to go with the Brigg Command Leathers
and Tactical Moebian Breathers while working on the Garrison Cap.
Maybe when done i dont buy the commissar anymore and be more underdog and more important have earned the cosmetics by penances and not buyed them.

It’s only because of Rogue Trader and reading a book about Ciaphas Cain :smiley:

Who tucks a leather jacket into their pants/belt? Seriously.


iirc it was around 14:00 (GMT+1) in the first month i played a lot, i just came back to play a little, even if it’s still the same bs crafting and such, but it’s ok to RP some action for my immersion.

more weird the belt and chains are from the jacket not from the trousers.

Yes, this is how they should have done it, but why do it the right way when you can do it the wrong way?

They can not even keep to their own timetable.

So much for “Fear of Missing Out.”

Let me be frank here!

This is not a Commissar coat:

This is a Commissar coat:

Details, details, details…

No red sash on the Darktide version, no gold brocading or shoulder decoration. Not a full length Greatcoat neither.

Don’t give in, be patient and maybe Fatshark will actually put some effort in and make a good one!


Skärmbild 2023-12-14 130708


i always thought that fake-ass commissar jacket that they have in this looks absolute horrible and it doesn’t even seem to fit into the theme of the game, imo. looks like really bad cosplay lol