Skin items on sale are not available as of this week

I turned on (on and off) the steam overlay and even installed a new steam and a new game, as announced by Petshark, to buy a skin set that Roner brought this week.(For about two hours) But Roner doesn’t sell me skin lotion… Even if I tried to buy a skin with a steam account that never turned on Vermintide and didn’t even have steam on, only an error message still appears.

I think I read the Pet Shark management posts below carefully and repeated them over and over again.

However, no matter how many times I repeatedly tried another computer or another account, Roner did not sell the product.

Is there anyone who has the same phenomenon as me?

In the end, I couldn’t buy the skin set I wanted throughout the skin discount.

This is not a Steam Overlay issue.

I think it’s a problem with the Vermintide 2 game itself.

The reason I think so is because only the set products on sale were.

Hi @winzer102h,

Which region are you playing from?

asia, south korea.

Skin (headdress) sold individually was purchased, but the previous batch products were not purchased, and individual products of this component were not available. However, for the skins that were not discounted, all items were available and single items were purchased. It was not just me, but there were many other users in South Korea who also had the same symptoms.

The set with the Templar Kruber (Foot Knights) skin, which was recently sold at a discount, was a normal purchase, but this time it was strange. Can other South Korean users buy this besides me? There was a lot of writing that came up.

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Thanks for confirming. We’ve received other similar reports from players based in Korea. We’re looking into it!

Apologies for the inconvenience in the mean time.

Hi @winzer102h,

We’ve made some tweaks to try to fix this - could you please check again and see if you are now able to purchase sale items?

Thank you!

Thank you for confirming. Currently, Roner’s store is offering discounts on only single skins, so I’ll buy a set of skins that I don’t have when the next week I sell as a set comes back. (When the Unsung Heroes collection, which I couldn’t purchase a few days ago, or the Rohner’s collection, absent friends collection that I don’t currently have [because it’s a problem that I couldn’t purchase the set skin on sale])

All the single skins are well purchased and used. We started by distributing vermintide 2 for free, and we are enjoying 400 hours.

The article below is now a light wish of a user who has played 400 hours.

I know that Vermintide 2 is a long time ago and that it is now a new game called Darktide.

The Dark Tide will also be tried after fully enjoying the vermin Tide.
But everyone will know. The vermintide is the vermintide and the darktide is the darktide. The two are different games. Therefore, I want you to continue to love and maintain vermintide.

I beg you,

  1. new maps and bosses, DLC (new enemies or items like Wind of Magic),

  2. maintenance of existing content (weave content [which is almost abandoned in Korea],

  3. Consideration for existing players (this Wolffather event)
    Since I am a new user this time, I really appreciate and liked the rewards. However, since Vermintide users who enjoy games for a long time cannot receive compensation because they already have a lot of skins and frames, wouldn’t it be better to pay a minimum of shilling for this event or produce some new skins or frames?

  4. Addition of store items
    Warhammer Vermintide’s clothes appear to be produced in a way that does not ruin the atmosphere of the worldview according to the Warhammer worldview. I got to know Warhammer worldview when I started Vermintide. However, there are some parts that are regrettable, and the number of items, whether it is sealing products or premium cosmetics, is too small. There are only one or two paid products per career on average. I hope there are at least five. Also, the exiled engineer, Sisters of Thorns, Sigma’s Priest, and Grailknight have premium cosmetic packs, but they are still empty in Loner’s stores. I’d like you to add more.

    I think the rewards of this book are really good content that creates a challenge, whether it’s an existing user or a new user. There will be many users who do it for the fun of clearing it.
    I am also having a lot of fun with this, but I have some suggestions. Although there are many palette swap-in skins in compensation for this content, it was so nice to be able to enjoy various colors.
    However, if there is a bit of a disappointment, iron breakers and footnights are armor, not cloth, so I don’t want to wear them a little because the colors don’t match those previously given helmets. Can’t you change the color of your hairparts according to the skin color, like the robe of a career in kerillian, Handmade? At least the champion and legend and Chaos wasteland costumes would be a match. Career such as Kruber’s mercenary and Vadin’s veteran ranger are good for various matchups because Roner’s store has skins without various colorful hats or hats.
    But Footknights and IronBreakers in armor are a bit uncomfortable to see.

  6. a matter of language
    Vermintide 2 does not support Korean. This is a big barrier to entry for users who do not speak English. Interesting backgrounds and witty conversations of characters are a huge attraction of the game.

For this reason, I understand that the Korean community uploaded Korean chat mode or Korean translation mode to the creative yard and requested approval. However, I know that the Korean chat mode has been officially approved, but it has been pending for several years without passing the Korean translation mode. If possible, could you pay more attention to this? I’m so curious about Roner’s cheerful singing and the story between the main characters. It will be difficult for Fatshark to support new Korean, but wouldn’t it be easy to judge the language support mode that Korean users have already created and are waiting for approval? I beg you.

Thank you for reading the long article. I am also grateful for your interest in this matter. I hope there will be a lot of improvement in the company called Fatshark in the future.

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