Can’t buy any premium cosmetics ''acquire''

Hey !

As it says I can not buy skins and the button is locked so what should I do?

Have a pic too when i click on acquire.

Hi @CptoI3vious,

Could it be that the Steam Overlay is disabled?

Please check out:

Steam Overlay are disabled but i tryed to put it on and off nothing of it workded

Tryed with ‘‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’’ did’t work ither…

The Steam Overlay has to remain enabled for any in-game purchases to work. Can I just confirm that you tried making a purchase with the overlay enabled at the time?

I never had Steam Overlay on and never buyed skins with real cash now iam trying install the game.

Only buyed dlc from the steam shop but i will try to Steam Overlay on when installtion are done.

Put Steam overley after the installtion and it seems to work.

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Glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

Ty for the support Lev but we are done here so have a nice day out there ! :smiley:

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