Skaven Technology and Warpfire Throwers

Skaven Technology is known for being inventive but highly volatile. Yet, in the game we have Warpfire Throwers which literally never malfunction. On the other hand, we have proven Dwarven Technology, usually tested for decades or longer, which overheats and explodes if used to much. While I understand the need to accustom certain lore elements to gameplay, the situation in-game is basically reversed to lore.

Therefore, I demand that Warpfire Throwers shall be able to overheat as well. If a Warpfire Thrower fires for a (near) constant 15 (or maybe 10) seconds, he should have a chance of overheating and exploding with the chance increasing by about 6.6 % per seconds after the initial 15 seconds phase. Latest at 30 seconds, he would reach a chance of 100 % and explode by default. The more the Warpfire Thrower overheats, the more damage it will do and the larger and stronger the explosion will be. EDIT: The explosion doesn’t have to be spherical. It could be a final high damage warpplasma lance. This would make overheating more unfavourable for players.

This mechanic could be limited to Cataclysm (and Legend) only if necessary, giving the Warpfire Thrower a slightly new “behaviour” at higher difficulties. It would increase the danger level of the specials (aside from pushing and blinding effects) but could also be used to make them deliberately detonate to clean hordes.

Sidemark: This is not about me watching my team and myself being roasted by Warpfire Throwers for prolonged time. Like totally not.


warpfire throwers really really don’t need nerfing though


Not a nerf though O.o Danger level can be adjusted freely by explosion chance, explosion damage, explosion radius as well as increased damage per overheat. Overheat damage increase can even start in the first 15 seconds already.

Overall, Warpfire Throwers are getting more dangerous but lose the ability to pinpoint you for a minute or longer.

how often do warpfire throwers close into melee range for you?

Depends on the area. If it is open area than it is unlikely. If there are corners and obstacles it happens quite frequently.

I’m honestly not sure I can remember the last time I saw one live long enough to start firing at all, much less long enough to overheat.

Love the idea, would prefer a flat damage increase to warpfire throwers and a chance to explode at any overheat level, increasing with overheat

Both the warpfire and ratling turning speed is a bit too fast tho.
I remember you could stay ahead of the cone if you started moving/dodging in time, but at some point this was either changed intentionally, or bugged out, but nobody realized/cared.
And it’s not like they fire ahead of you, so that they can keep you in the line of fire, the “projectile” is fater than light, so you always get hit, while moving.

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Love the idea, would prefer a flat damage increase to warpfire throwers and a chance to explode at any overheat level, increasing with overheat

There’s already the danger of getting a nice shower of warpfire in your face when you kill them in melee, that seems volatile enough

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