How do you guys think of Warpfirethrowers?

During Twitch mode play, I realized that Warpfirethrowers spawn is kind of a meh moment. It’s not really threatening, and even beneficial quite often.

How do you guys think of them? Balanced? Maybe too weak? Or even strong?

Adds variety and naturally they are more threatening to some teamcomps more than others, and during some situations etc.

They are also pretty good at embodying the whole “skaven tech is bad for the users&his friends health” thing. :sweat_smile:

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Idk,having them alive(in 200% and above settings) outright break your audio,obscures your sight from dangerous enemies like elites/monsters/specials.

I’d say they’re one of the more annoying special spawn you can get during high percentage Twitch other than Gunrats.Ever got shot at by 8+ Gunrats at close range?You die faster than you could say “F*ck”


If allowed to deploy I find them extremely good at area denial and generally being a complete nuisance (which is fine for a rat). Not sure if their damage bugs out or not, usually the fire patch they leave on the ground seems to be a lot more harmful in terms of direct damage than the actual cone of flame. I think I’d buff their hitpoints to stormvermin levels, otherwise they are fine.


I love using them to blow up blobs of slaverats.
Most of the time they’re not much of a threat, but their entertainment value is through the roof.


Bots try to hit this in melee. This is the only thing that matters.


Situationally deadly but when quickly identified and dealt with rarely a problem. Might benefit from slight hp increase but not much else imo.
Also their spawn sounds and general voice lines are just something that always brings a smile.

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They’re not threatening in a direct damage sense (though I’m sure we’ve all been in that situation when we have 2 HP left, are under pressure, and a single fire burst will kill us), but they are good area denial tools.

It does seem odd, though, when I’m getting warpfire to the face and taking so little damage, though. I think within the balance of the game it makes sense, though. Honestly, I think it’s fine for different enemies on the same tier to have different levels of threat. It helps keep situations variable.

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Generally not very dangerous on their own but their knockback can put you in a bad spot if they are positioned well, gunners in the same position would be doing more damage though and can also do more damage in more situations.

The most dangerous part is the knockback which can push you down a cliff if badly positioned.
The explosion damage can down a player on low health (and if you play melee it happens more often than you think). Plus, the damage is not bad unless you have barkskin on you.
On top of this, it quite severely limits your visibility if close, kinda like gas-rats did in VT1.
All in all an effective special imo. It’s biggest downside is that it has to get close to be a threat, but that’s fine by me.

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They make this funny pop when they die!
But really, they should make those backpack tanks of dead Globerats and Warpfirethrowers be like stationary warp barrels.