Bots still try to kill ratlings and warpfire throwers, who are shooting at them, in melee

As the title says, this bug been in the game for a long time now (ever since Vermintide 1, where this happened with ratlings) and is still isn’t fixed and, what’s more, there is not a single bug report about it (or at least, nothing I could find), so I can’t even say whether or not it’s acknowledged.

Issue Summary:
Bots, for some reason, often decide that they need to kill a gatling or a warpfire thrower in melee, even though they have ammo/ranged abilities, and, most importantly, they want to kill him in melee WHILE HE IS SHOOTING AT THEM.
This often leads to “hilarious” situations where all 3 bots keep running towards warpfire thrower, but get knocked back by his flames, thus ending in the same spot, except with less health.
Sometimes (but only sometimes) they decide to wait it out before charging, but more often that that they just charge in.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Spawn a gatling/warpfire behind a corner - somewhere where the bots won’t be able to kill him before he starts shooting.
  2. Let him start shooting.
  3. Watch as bots try to wade through bullets/warpfire to kill him in melee, while losing tons of HP.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Often (< 75%)

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