Skaven glowing eyes

I’ve just realized that the skavens eyes are no longer glowing red. Is this a bug or was it intentionally removed for some reason?

I’ve never noticed them glowing. There was some marketing stuff before the game came out that showed glowing eyes but FS had to remove it as Games Workshop didn’t think it was a good fit :slightly_smiling_face:

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they were glowing in v1

Yes they did glow in V1. Not super bright but a red glow that you could see in the dark it was awesome

Yes but those were greenglowing like warpstone infused or something…

no in v1 it was red glow. go play dungeon ;p

I was reacting to InFro’s post saying that there was some marketing stuff that showed glowing eyes. Those were green. That never got into any public release of the game. But the classic red glowing was there at least in beta…but no longer :frowning:

dats poopie ._.

just like how u could stamp skaven heads onto walls and the body dangles.

oh woe

oh sob…

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