Size matters, and how enemies should have different sizes

In your experience, does the size of the character you made matter ?

Comparing my tall psyker with my smallest veteran, I feel it does.
Aligning head shots in a crowd with my psyker happens oh so often, it actually helps me quell a lot with the 3% quell on weak spots.

On the other side my vet often has to shoot at an angle and does not produce as many head shots or so it feels.

What is your experience on the subject ?
And could enemies have various sizes to balance that if so, with the issues it would have regarding penetration through multiple targets etc.

Aka, should we have hordes of nurgly dwarfs coming at us, or a mixed bunch of various size peons, or are we all condemned to have the same size when they let us modify it.

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Hiding and shooting from Cover
Pros & Cons with being small or big!

Normally tend to do smaller ones, but i like to fit it to may Class. I feel zealot is bigger than average Ogryn doent really matter, psyker Female is small. Vet is balanced.

I dont want to have the sam esiez all the time.
For my aiming its better to have smaller size sine i tend to aim higher than need when running around. but you can manage it easily.