Character Sizes and Hitboxes, Massive Issue

It was brought to my attention by a friend of mine who has already played almost 100 hours (yeah its a problem), that the size you make your character at creation actually impacts your hit box. If that’s true that is the worst piece of game design I’ve ever seen, like WHAT so making your character as small as possible actually makes you harder to hit by ranged fire?!? I applaud FatShark in the amount of customization they have and allowing us to alter character sizes is cool but hit boxes should absolutely be standardized regardless of that selection. There should only be 2 hitbox types Ogryn and Human, all customizations after that should be completely cosmetic.

Anyone who has stepped foot into at least difficulty 4 missions knows how big of a deal that is considering the amount of ranged fire you will be taking in those difficulties. Worse yet while we have the “Barbershop” to edit every aspect of how we look we CANT change our size. Realistically my Zealot character (whom I made huge because big guy with a Thunder Hammer seemed cool at the time) whose lvl 30 and has started to earn legendary gear is essentially “Not Optimal” and if I really wanted to give myself the best chance at clearing the level 5 difficulties then I would need to completely remake my Zealot character.

That is so DUMB!!

so to recap:

Being Smaller actually makes you harder to hit – Yes.

Does being larger have any benefits – Literally no, on the off chance there is something I could look over that someone else couldn’t that also means I can be shoot over it and its not providing me cover.

Can I change my size after I made my character and am just now learning about this jank game design- No you cannot.

Was it clearly communicated to the player when making the character that the size they choose could have large impacts on gameplay and that being smaller is strictly better – No.

Honestly I just hope my friend is wrong about this but he has rolled every class and gotten 2 of them to max level with almost 100+ hours and he seemed certain of this, so hard to argue his point.

If being taller gives you longer melee reach I’m okay with it. (I don’t care either way. I learned not to rely on cover in beta.)