Character hitboxes are too large, minimum height human character still getting shot behind cover when crouching and behind doorframes despite clinging to a wall

Tried out 3 height characters, maximum, minimum and the middle of the height bar. All heights human characters still getting shot behind cover when crouching and behind doorframes despite clinging to a wall. I’m not sure if this is a hitbox being too large problem, if it’s a bug or if the enemy fire is hitscan and will hit you always if they locked on but you didn’t dodge/slide/sprint despite being in cover. Posting this as feedback about a gameplay feature but perhaps it’s a bug, if it’s a bug then it’s noticeable in almost all missions I’ve played so far


I can back this up. A lot of purpose made cover, like the convenient waist or chest-high walls and piles of debris, still don’t protect you from getting shot even when you’ve got objectively the smallest character the game can give you. This makes cautious advances or hold outs a lot more frustrating than they need to be.

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This. This infuriates me to no end.

There is ONE rule:
If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.

That and enemies having the ability to peak behind cover, but the player cannot.


You can get full cover by looking at your feet so your model bows down it’s head.


Good to know, and a great temporary solution, but it really shouldn’t be necessary to begin with.


True realism hahaha

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I would like to learn about mechanics behind enemy LOS and their accuracy.
Even if this happens to be a hitscan for simplicity of AI programming, hopefully an accuracy modifier can be applied based on % of player model within LOS.

Though, I guess, if it was easy we wouldn’t have to complain…
And it’s hard because not only there is a coherent logic to be created, but there are hundreds of processes competing for computing power and network bandwidth, AI being just one of many.