No cover gameplay

Not a new thing to whine about, I’d wager, but to reiterate, lack of cover play in a shooter is a bit weird in this day and age. It’s not even like it kind of works, it just doesn’t work for the player at all. AI can use it to avoid being hit all day, but for some reason (unless it’s a big obstacle), the AI can always hit the player. Just now I was in a mission where everyone was downed and I was trying to peak around a corner to take out the ranged units and they just instantly turned and put me down like it wasn’t a big deal. Other times I’ve tried to put a pillar or a couple boxes between me and the enemy, and I’m still taking damage. Not having a lean mechanic and/or not being able to stick to cover for defense (think Gears of War) is going to hurt the gunplay here.

If it hasn’t been said enough, it needs to be said again.

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